Top "Ten" Lists for Faculty and Academic Administrators

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During Spring 2004, in an effort to ensure that new members of the MSU community know essential and helpful information about our University, the Office of Academic Human Resources asked a cross-section of 40 academic administrators and faculty what they considered to be the top 10 things all new faculty and new chairs and directors need to know about MSU early in their careers at Michigan State.

This survey was not based on a systematic or scientific sampling, but it does represent the wisdom of practice of many experienced campus leaders and successful scholar/teachers at MSU. We had dozens of suggested items, many of which were cited repeatedly.

The “Top 10” lists are road maps to direct your attention amid the torrent of information that newcomers receive upon their arrival. We anticipate that these documents will undergo continuous revision, but they offer a point of entry to help newcomers learn more about life at MSU. Please contact the Academic Advancement Network at with suggestions, questions or comments.