Top “10” Things Faculty Need to Know About MSU


Promotion/Tenure/ Evaluation/Expectations


Policies/Regulatory Environment


Regulations Related to Instruction


Support: Programmatic


Support: Budget/Funding

  • Budgeting, Funding cycles—contact department chair


MSU Culture and Characteristics



  • Fundamentals: How to order books; set reserves in library, IMC; campus services; computers, parking, IDs, access course schedule on line; and football tickets—contact your department administrator


Words of Wisdom

  • Best way to get access to resources is collaboration
  • Remember that you are great
  • You don’t have to be “super person” tomorrow
  • Participate in department meetings
  • Participate in college colloquia/other on and off campus events
  • Meet key administrators and personnel
  • Always be respectful to support staff
  • Listen carefully to students, assume that they are motivated
  • Develop a network of communication that provide access to information
  • Keep balance in your professional and personal life
  • Keep careful documentation on issues of importance to you, e.g. potential problems