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As we strive to continue to develop F&OD’s SoTL web pages, we encourage you to suggest additional SoTL resources and/or MSU professional development opportunities. Please email us at with your recommendations.

SoTL Online Instructional Resources (OIR):

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning promotes teaching as a scholarly endeavor and a worthy subject for research, producing a public body of knowledge open to critique and evaluation. Its intent is not only to improve teaching but to create a community of “scholarly teachers” who add to the body of knowledge about teaching and learning as well as benefiting from the SoTL research of others. This section provides links to introductory information, articles, examples, journals, conferences, associations, and other resources dedicated to SoTL. Faculty members new to SoTL and those who are already engaged in SoTL activities will find useful information in this compilation.

Visit each section by clicking on the links below:

  • Introduction
  • What is SoTL?
  • SoTL Tutorials
  • Bibliographies of Articles and Books on SoTL
  • SoTL Journals
  • Online SoTL Resources
  • SoTL Conferences
  • SoTL Societies, Associations, Academies
  • Doing SoTL
  • SoTL on Campus

F&OD Consultation Services on Teaching and Learning

Consultation services on teaching and learning are a way for instructors to discuss their teaching with professional consultants. Consulting on instructional issues is available for individuals, small groups, departments, and colleges upon request. Our consultants will offer guidance on the following topics:

  • Instructional methods and innovative approaches to teaching and learning
  • Instructional design, e.g., alignment of goals, teaching methods, and assessments
  • Course materials including syllabi, assignments, exams and other forms of assessment, feedback on student work, grading practices, etc.
  • Classroom-related concerns
  • Feedback on student course evaluations
  • Inclusive teaching and integration of multicultural materials into curricula
  • The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)
  • Resources and research on college teaching and learning, e.g., teaching first year students, teaching large classes, interdisciplinary teaching, college student development, civility in the classroom, active learning, integrative learning, designing capstone experiences, evaluating teaching, etc.

For more information or to schedule a confidential consultation, please contact us at or 517-432-2033.

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Instructional Briefings

This initiative provides access to MSU teaching award winners and former Lilly Teaching Fellows who have agreed to discuss focused issues in teaching and learning with their colleagues by email, phone or in person. Their names and contact information have been posted on the F&OD website at: Instructional Briefings are designed to complement the array of Instructional Consultation Services that are offered by F&OD by offering access to outstanding teachers across the disciplines.

  • Areas of Expertise
  • Instructional Briefings Respondents

MSU Requirements and Resources for Conducting Classroom Research

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The MSU SoTL Symposium is an extension of work begun as an institutional participant in the Campus Program of the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarships of Teaching and Learning (CASTL), 2006 – 2009.