Orientation for New Administrators

A group of attendees at an orientation event.

Welcome to Michigan State University. It is our hope that your life at MSU will be fulfilling and successful, now and in the future.  To enable you to begin the process of learning the lay of the land at MSU, we have created this orientation website designed specifically for New Administrators, including new Executive Managers, Deans, Associate and Assistant Deans, Department Chairs, and School Directors. We invite you to explore this website carefully.  It provides information on relevant orientation events and materials designed to assist you in your transition to life in our University community.

See below for relevant Orientation VideosOrientation Events and Training and Development Opportunities, and selected Additional Resources.  Although you will receive an invitation to the New Administrator Orientation, we strongly suggest that you review all of the materials to ensure that you are aware of what is available to assist you. 

Individuals with appointments like yours arrive at MSU throughout the year, but the majority begin their appointments in August.  For that reason, we offer a three half-day mandatory Orientation for New Administrators in early August each year.  In addition to orientation, there are several workshops relevant to new faculty that we encourage you to attend: Effective Teaching and Learning Boot CampTechnology Orientation: An Introduction to MSU's Libraries and IT Services' ResourcesGetting Started at MSU: Syllabus Design and Regulations to Protect Student Information; and Active Shooter and Emergency Response. If you arrive after the Orientation has occurred, you are welcome to attend all or parts of the Orientation you missed during the following August. In the meanwhile, you can and should take advantage of the numerous other online Orientation resources and information linked to this webpage.

In addition to your appointment as a new administrator, if you are also a Tenure System Faculty, Health Programs (HP) Faculty, or Fixed Term Faculty new to MSU, check the Orientation Website relevant to your faculty appointment where you will find additional Orientation Events and Resources tailored to the needs of each of these groups.  If you are a new Dean or Executive Manager, also see the Orientation Websites designed specifically for these groups.

We also strongly encourage you to speak with your supervisor about the availability of unit-based orientations, resources, and/or one or more mentors who can assist in orienting you to your new role. MSU is a highly decentralized institution and resources are often available in several places across campus, so it is often worthwhile to explore the full array of options through your unit as well as centralized offices. 

Again, we wish you a warm welcome to Michigan State University.  Please let us know if we can assist you. If you have any questions about these Orientation Events, please contact Cindi Leverich by email at leaders@msu.edu or by phone at (517) 355-5761.


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Toolkits for New Employees

The Toolkits for New Employees website: http://www.hr.msu.edu/toolkits/newemployees.htm will provide access to enroll in selected benefits on the web (requires activated MSU Net ID). Note that you may not enroll in benefit programs until your appointment beginning date and that you must enroll within 30 days of the appointment effective date. This website will also:

  • provide an introduction to the University
  • provide an overview of important policies and procedures
  • summarize benefit programs
  • serve as a reference when questions arise at a later date

Please contact Human Resource Benefits (517-353-4434 or 1-800-353-4434) with any questions regarding your benefits.

Onboarding Resources

Onboarding a new faculty or academic staff member takes time and does not happen at one orientation event.  To help navigate the variety of onboarding events and resources, we have developed a list of opportunities designed to meet both the immediate needs and those that offer options for continuous development.

Onboarding Resource List

Orientation Videos

Orientation Events and Professional Development Opportunities

New Administrator Orientation 2016
Monday, August 8 from 8:00am - 3:00pm
Tuesday, August 9 from 8:00am - 3:00pm
Monday, August 15 from 8:00am - 3:00pm

The Office of the Provost has developed a three-day mandatory workshop for new academic leaders and administrators. The invitation-only orientation focuses on topics that are critical for new academic unit administrators, including:

  • University Research Policies & Procedures
  • University Outreach and Engagement
  • Hiring, Promotion, Tenure and Performance Review
  • The Legal and Regulatory Environment
  • The Undergraduate Experience at MSU
  • Financial Management
  • Development/Fundraising
  • Survival Skills for New Administrators
  • Conflict Resolution Resources
  • Teaching and Learning Resources & Support
  • The Graduate Experience at MSU
  • Effectively Leading University Support Staff
  • International Faculty, Staff and Students
  • General Resources

Presenters are MSU administrators, including the Provost, deans and directors. Participants who attend this multi-day program report that the content is useful and informative.

The program includes three half-day sessions that are scheduled over a two-week period in order to minimize the disruption of regular schedules.Location will be provided in the invitation letter.

For more information, or to find out if you are eligible to attend, please contact Cindi Leverich by email at leaders@msu.edu or by phone at (517) 355-5761.



Additional Resources

For more information, or to find out if you are eligible to attend, please contact Cindi Leverich by email at leaders@msu.edu or by phone at (517) 355-5761.