Organizational Development Consulting

Front Cover of Organizational Development Consultation Services Brochure (links to actual brochure)

AAN's Organizational Initiative

AAN defines organizational development (OD) as systematic efforts to increase the long-term health and performance of an organization, while enriching the lives of its members.OD consultations are rooted in the belief that organizations are social systems with an organizational culture that influences the way people work and approach projects. The methodology employs planned change based on research and evidence to remove obstacles and make change easier. The ideal is an organization where continuous improvement is so integrated that it is not thought of as an initiative.

The consultant will help you and/or your unit with:

  • Strategic Visioning
  • Performance Review
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Climate and Culture
  • Assessments
  • Leadership Development
  • Meeting Facilitation

For estimate of costs, units are encouraged to meet with the consultant who will review the request and provide an estimate free of charge. However, final costs will be based on the actual time spent on the project.

Confidentiality Guidelines 

Professional observations, interactions, and conclusions related to specific clients or cases and information about the actual activities and results of a consultation will be given only to the client to be used as he/she chooses. Any additional use of the results is subject to the consent of the client.

If the client retains a copy of the consultation records, or wishes our office to retain these records, these materials may be kept confidential to the maximum extent allowed by the law, and may be subject to Michigan's Freedom of Information Act. For more information, go to the Consumer Laws link at

To request an OD consultation, or to share questions or comments, please contact, or 517-355-5761.