Online, On-demand asynchronous workshops: Teaching Essentials for Careers in Higher Education (TECHE!)

Teaching Essentials for Careers in Higher Education*




*These modules were developed by experts in teaching in higher education. They were produced by a British firm named Epigeum, Ltd., a spin-off company from Imperial College, England: This is copyrighted material licensed for use by those who are affiliated with Michigan State University.

This is a set of eight well-designed modules designed to simulate, as much as possible, the experience of being part of a workshop.  These workshops engage the participant in exercises, videos, lectures and reading.  They are ready when you are and can be started and stopped if other obligations intrude.

The modules have been found to be beneficial to: 

  • new faculty and instructors exploring the pedagogy of teaching and looking for good practical advice in teaching;
  • any faculty member or instructor eager to explore any of the topics further;
  • mentors of new faculty or graduate teaching assistants (these modules are a great way to provide an easily accessible resource that can be shared and discussed);
  • faculty and instructors teaching courses on teaching in higher education (these modules have been effectively incorporated into discipline based teaching pedagogy courses); and
  • MSU instructors whose locations or schedules make it difficult to attend 'live' workshops on campus.

To view the learning outcomes for the eight modules offered please click on the module titles below:

To access the modules, one must have an MSU ID and log into ANGEL: Step-by-Step Instructions.


Module's are now available on Desire 2 Learn
Registration Instructions:
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Click “Self Registration” on the tool bar.
Click the link titled “Teaching Essentials for Careers in Higher Education (Epigeum)”.
Verify the course information and click “Register”.
Click “Submit” and follow the on-screen instruction.
The course will appear on your D2L homepage. 

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