Resources for Teaching Zoology

National Science Digital Library (NSDL): Zoology.
Provides over 300 links to materials in zoology such as museum collections, databases, and ongoing research. 

University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.
An important educational website in zoology, providing information on birds, fishes, insects, mammals, mollusks, and reptiles &amphibians.  Maintains an Animal Diversity Website and a Genomic Diversity Laboratory Website for educators and researchers.

MERLOT: Zoology (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching).
Provides links to a small but potentially useful number of sites for zoology education, including an online zoology lab manual.

BUBL Link Catalogue of Internet Resources: Zoology.
Over 20 links to resources in zoology.

Instructional Resources in Biology (Harvard University Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology).
An alphabetical listing of links to a wide range of instructional resources for college educators in the biological sciences, ranging from biology associations and science museums to sites such as Science Gems, Virtual FlyLab, Virtual Hospital, and much more.

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Resources for Teaching Evolution

Evolution Resources (From the National Academies of Sciences).
A comprehensive collection of books, reports, statements, papers, articles and web resources about evolution, including science and religion issues, legal issues, and material for educators.

Teaching Evolution Effectively:  A Central Dilemma and Alternative Strategies” by Craig E. Nelson (Indiana University).
In this article for the McGill Journal of Education (Spring 2007) Nelson presents 3 scientifically and pedagogically accepted strategies for helping students develop more scientifically valid understandings of evolution. 

National Center for Science Education, NCSE:  Defending the Teaching of Evolution in Public Schools.
This Center provides advice and links to resources for teaching evolution in the science classroom. 

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Journals in Teaching Zoology and Related Areas

Bioscene:  Journal of College Biology Teaching (Association of College and University Biology Educators, ACUBE).
Full copy of journals from 1975 to the present can be accessed online, also AMCBT/ACUBE Newsletters (1964-1974), and AMCBT/ACUBE Proceedings (1957-1972). 

Cell Biology Education: Life Sciences Education (The American Society for Cell Biology).
Free peer-reviewed quarterly online journal encompassing diverse fields and interdisciplinary intersections within the broad study of life sciences education at all levels K to graduate.  

The American Biology Teacher (National Association of Biology Teachers).
Publishes articles on teaching all areas of the biological sciences from K to 16.  Full text available online of selected pieces from the archives, 2006 to the present.  Subscription required.

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Michigan State University Resources in Zoology

Michigan State University Department of Zoology.

Wildlife and Natural History Q-line.
“Critter Guy,” Jim Harding, a Wildlife Information Specialist at MSU, answers questions, amasses resources on Michigan wildlife, and provides numerous links to zoology materials worldwide. 

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