Work and Life Skills

Save Time with Email This site gives 19 time-saving tips, including how to transfer files quickly and set up filter folders in Outlook.


Time Management Tools Various articles and self assessment tools show you how to effectively schedule your day by setting priorities, including contingency times. Also gives advice on how to prevent over-committing.

Work Life Balance: Gives short, practical tips on how to end procrastination.

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How to teach in inter-professional teams

LondonDeanery: A faculty development E-learning for clinical teachers. Provides a learning module that guides you through the process of interprofessional teaching in clinical settings.

Prevention Education Resource Center: Gives overview of how important interprofessional teaching is for medical students and gives 8 principles of successful interprofessional teamwork.

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Maximizing Leadership

Journal of the International Association of Medical Science Educators: Has summaries of a webcast series on leadership in the academic health center.

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Preventing Job Burnout

Prevention and recovery from burnout: Defines burnout; differentiates between stress and burnout; gives advice on how to prevent burnout; and tells you how to recover from burnout.

Detecting job burnout: Advice on how to detect if you are on the verge of job burnout and tips on prevention are listed at this counseling site.

Forbes A short, slide-based presentation with nine burnout prevention tips from Forbes that emphasize more of the body-physical release.

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Writing Effective Letters of Recommendation

FERPA issues: Pertinent to medical education, this Powerpoint talks about FERPA issues related to writing a letter of recommendation.

Women in Cell Biology: This is a two-page advice article from "Women in Cell Biology." Writing letters involves your enthusiasm for the individual.

For Postdocs and New Faculty: Gives advice on how to write letters within a college setting; gives further resources at the end.

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Impact of Healthcare Reform

Catholic Lab Digest: At least three pages of reading, but gives a good overview of the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and the related Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010 (HCEARA) which were signed into law in March, 2010.

American Drug and Drug Benefits: Rippling effects of the Health Care Reform Act are far reaching and involve changes in medical cost-containment, relationships with provider networks and will overhaul the healthcare delivery system of tomorrow.

Rural Settings: Provides a downloadable Powerpoint presentation about various types of rural providers and discusses the impact on each.
Impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Impact on physicians includes possibly more scrutiny on billing practices; personnel management and tightening of general practice operations. More links at the bottom of page.

Impact on Surgeons: An article listing predictions backed by supported facts, written by John Cherf, a physician with an MPH and MBA.

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How to Conduct Meetings

From the Management Library: Describes how to select participants, develop agendas, open the meeting, establish ground rules, manage time, evaluate the meeting process and close the meeting.

Conducting Effective Meetings: A business professor at UC Berkeley gives some sage advice on using meetings as a positive communication tool.

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