Teaching in a Time of National Crisis: Focus on Hurricane Katrina

As instructors, many of us find that during a time of national crisis, our students often need and want to use the classroom as a place to sort out difficult questions and passionate feelings about current events.

To help you confront the challenges that may arise in these situations, and to guide you in thinking about if or how you want to discuss events such as Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, we've gathered a list of Internet resources (see below).

A series of public forums have also been developed by MSU faculty. Coming to Terms with Katrina and Its Aftermath are free programs open to MSU and greater Lansing Communities.

If you have specific questions related to teaching in a time of national crisis, or you would like a private, confidential consultation, please contact Patti Stewart at facdevel@msu.edu or at 432-2033.

We’d also like to hear from you if you have resources we can add to this webpage.

Guidance For Instructors Leading Class Discussion on Hurricane Katrina
A step-by-step guide in thinking about student reactions and facilitating difficult classroom discussions (both spontaneous and planned) around powerfully emotional public events such as Hurricane Katrina.