Teaching Philosophy Statement


A statement of teaching philosophy documents a professor's beliefs, values, and approaches to teaching. Writing this reflective statement helps a professor articulate the philosophy and goals that underly his or her approach to the classroom, which can then be shared with students, colleagues, and administrators. The following links provide guidelines and examples for writing a teaching statement.


General Resources

Developing a Teaching Portfolio (University of Washington Center for Instructional Development and Research)
Guidelines, suggestions, writing prompts, and tips for writing your teaching statement, plus links to other useful sites, including one with sample philosophy statements.

Teaching Perspectives Inventory: A Short Questionnaire to Help You Summarize Your Views and Perceptions abut Teaching.
A free inventory, taking 10 to 15 minutes to take and score, that will help you reflect on your teaching and draft a Philosophy of Teaching statement.

Writing a Philosophy of Teaching Statement (Ohio State University)
Another site with guidelines and examples of philosophy statements.

"Statements of Teaching Philosophy" by Gail E. Goodyear and Douglas Allchin (The Center for Effective Teaching and Learning at the U. of Texas at El Paso).
Discussion of the roles, composition, and evaluation of teaching philosophy statements.

Engineering Teaching Portfolio Program (sponsored by the National Science Foundation)
A group process for developing a teaching statement. Contains useful links to strategies for writing your own statement and a sample teaching philosophy statement.

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