Supply Chain Management

Teaching Resources in Supply Chain Management

Institute for Supply Chain Management, ISM.
Members of ISM have access to resource guides and tool kits for learning and teaching. These are topic-specific electronic “packets of information” or online links for a variety of supply management subjects such as Contact Management, Negotiation Skills, and Services Purchasing.

CAPS Research.
Jointly sponsored by ISM and the School of Business at Arizona State University, this site offers benchmarking studies and industry reports pertaining to supply management. Also Practix cases based on successful practices and processes at company locations. A free resource.

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, CSCMP.
Membership in the council provides free case studies, a toolbox for educators in supply chain management and logistics, and a SCM Educators’ Conference. Non-members may purchase educational materials, including case studies designed for academics.

APICS Association for Operations Management.
The APICS Education and Research Foundation provides a forum for operations management research, educational programs, and curriculum development, plus an online community for interactions with chain operations management professionals. Membership required for access.

Supply Chain Management (Aspen Institute Center for Business Education, February 2008).
After an initial introduction to the field, this site provides links to course syllabi and notable teaching materials in supply chain management through the Beyond Grey Pinstripes and websites.
World’s biggest MBA database. Offers both student and faculty resources. Teachers in any field of MBA study can access coursework, syllabi, and abstracts from peers.
Free, practical online resource offering teaching modules, case studies, syllabi, and innovative teaching materials on business and sustainability.

MITOpenCourseWare (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management).
Free online syllabi, lectures, course materials, and assessments for a wide variety of supply chain management courses taught at MIT. Type Supply Chain Management into their keyword search engine. In addition, the “MIT Sloan Teaching Innovation Resources (MSTIR)” offers materials for areas in which Sloan’s innovative research and teaching are on the cutting edge, such as sustainability and world economy. 
See also MIT CTL global supply chain education, research, and innovation at

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Journals in Supply Chain Management and Logistics Education

Journal of Supply Chain Management (a publication of ISM).
For scholars in the field, this journal focuses on behavioral research focusing on theory-building and empirical methodologies.

Journal of Business Logistics (a publication of CSCMP).
Provides information on theory and practice in supply chain management and logistics.

International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications.
Aimed at the practitioner and the academic, publishes articles in all aspects of logistics and supply chain management. Subscription required.

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Notable University Centers

Supply Chain Institute.
University of San Diego, School of Business Administration. 

Center for Supply Chain Management.
Rutgers Business School.

Supply Chain Resource Cooperative.
North Carolina State University, College of Management.

Global Supply Chain Management Forum.
Stanford University, Graduate School of Business

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Michigan State University Resources in Supply Chain Management

MSU Department of Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management Resources, MSU Libraries.

IBM On-Demand Supply Chain Center.
Provides an environment for modeling and analysis of an on-demand supply chain. Part of a grid of inter-connected academic labs collaborating and doing research in supply chain management.

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