Statistics and Probability

Resources for Teaching Statistics and Probability

American Statistical Association.
Explore the Education section for annotated links to materials for teaching statistics and probability. “Useful Websites for Teachers” contains a particularly rich set of resources for both K-12 and undergraduate education.

Web Interface for Statistics Education, WISE (Claremont Graduate University).
WISE provides free interactive tutorials on key statistical concepts (sampling distributions, the central limit theorem, hypothesis testing, statistical power) using applets with guided exercises.  Also links to a wide range of free statistical resources on the Internet for students and teachers.

WWW Resources for Teaching Statistics,” Robin H. Lock, Mathematics Department, St. Lawrence University.
Presented at a Statistics Education conference of the Boston Chapter of the American Statistical Association in 1998, this paper provides a rich set of resources to support statistics instruction, including online course materials and texts, JAVA demos, ejournals and discussion lists, and lots of data links.

A Catalog of Mathematics Resources on the WWW and the Internet (M. Maheswaran, University of Wisconsin, Marathon County).
See the section on Statistics, Probability and Related Fields for several links.

Statistics Teaching and Resource (STAR) Library.
Offers online materials for teaching statistics.  This site is now part of the (Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education).

Statistical Science Web:  Teaching Resources. resources for teaching statistics from around the world.

National Science Digital Library (NSDL):  Teaching Statistics in Higher Education.
A comprehensive collection of statistics materials for teaching, such as a statistical education resource kit, a tutorial for searching and researching statistics in the social sciences, applied statistics materials, Webinars, and much more.  Worth browsing through for resources and ideas.

Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education (CAUSE).
Offers resources for teachers of statistics, plus webinars and conferences on teaching statistics at the undergraduate level.

ARTIST: Assessment Resource Tools for Improving Statistical Thinking
Provides a searchable database of assessments for teaching first courses of statistics.  Funded by a grant from NSF and the support of the University of Minnesota and Cal Poly.

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Resources for Teaching Probability

The Probability Web (presently maintained by Bob Dobrow, Carleton College).
Teaching resources for probability, including online tutorials and textbooks, interactive demonstrations, and general resources.  This site also offers links to a wide range of probability resources such as journals, newsgroups, and quotes.

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Syllabi and Course Materials in Statistics and Probability

MERLOT Statistics Portal (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching).
The portal for higher education online materials for learning and teaching statistics.

Statistics Course for Field Biologists and Resource Managers, Carl Schwarz, Simon Frazier University.
Syllabus, assignments, notes, and exams.

Introduction to Statistics, University of Minnesota.
A Web-based statistics course.  Some links require course login while others are open, including links with data sets and other useful teaching materials.

See also the CAUSE resources mentioned earlier for lectures, labs, homework, projects, datasets, and much more at

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Journals in Statistics and Probability Education

Journal of Statistics Education (American Statistical Association).
An online-only international journal focused on improving statistics education at all levels, including post-secondary, post-graduate, and the workplace.  Full text of current issue and archives is available without a subscription.

Statistics Education Research Journal (The International Association for Statistical Education).
A free peer-reviewed electronic journal published twice a year with articles on research-based knowledge that can improve the teaching and learning of statistics and probability at all educational levels and in both classroom-based and out-of-classroom contexts.

Teaching Statistics.
An international journal for teachers of students up to about 19, it offers ideas and resources for data handling and probability and includes articles on teaching statistics as a subject area as well as a support tool for other disciplines.  Current issue free online; subscription required.

Case Studies in Business, Industry, and Government Statistics (Bentley University).
Publishes high-quality peer-reviewed case studies in modern data analysis ready to use for instruction.  Free online twice a year.

Technology Innovations in Statistics Education, TISE (eScholarship, University of California).
Focuses on the use of technology to improve statistics learning at all levels.  Peer-reviewed, free online.;view=aboutus

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Michigan State University Resources in Statistics and Probability

MSU Department of Statistics and Probability

MSU Center for Statistical Training and Consulting, CSAT.

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