Resources for Teaching Social Relations and Policy in James Madison College

This Social Relations and Policy major “explores the domain of public issues that are especially affected by relations among groups. The field is explicitly historical and comparative, looking at social relations in the United States and internationally, over time.”

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Resources for Teaching Social Relations and Policy

American Sociological Association.
Teaching/Learning section offers free downloads and links to teaching resources in sociology and related areas such as diversity and learning outcomes assessment.

American Studies Association.
Offers annual conference, publications, and other resources.

Encyclopedia of American Studies (Sponsored by American Studies Association).
Comprehensive collection of links to online materials in all areas of American Studies. Individual or Institutional subscription required.

Online discussion list for research and teaching in American Studies and interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary perspectives on culture. Free subscription at this site.

Also see H-Net Discussion Networks at for access to numerous discussion lists in American and international history, culture, and specific areas of study. Provides searchable email logs of each network.


American History:

Digital History, Steven Mintz, Columbia University and Sara McNeil, University of Houston (2012).
A history of the United States pre-1492 to the present time organized by eras and topics. Contains an interactive timeline, primary sources, and multimedia materials. A comprehensive website, supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities and other U.S.institutions.

Making of America (University of Michigan and Cornell Libraries with Mellon Foundation funding).
Digital database of primary resources documenting American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction.

National Archives Experience: Digital Vaults.
A stunning interactive exploration of materials in the national archives. Click on a record and launch your digital experience of their historical holdings in U.S. society, culture, and history.

American Memory from the Library of Congress.
Free and open access through the Internet to materials that document the American experience: a “digital record of American history and creativity.” Another rich resource in American history with a well-organized searchable database.

The Organization of American Historians.
Visit “Teaching Tools” for access to a broad range of resources for teaching American History to secondary and post-secondary learners.

History of Social Movements in the United States (Building Movement Project:  Inspiring Activism in the Nonprofit Community).
Includes interactive timeline and links to material on such issues as the Women’s Movement, LGBT Movement, and Modern Conservative Movement.


Women’s Studies:

Women’s Studies Online Resources (University of Maryland, Baltimore County).

Contains links to high-quality web sites focusing on women’s studies or women’s issues, including the WMST-L File Collection, an international email forum on women’s studies teaching, research, and program administration; the Center for Women and Information Technology; and much more.

Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000.
An online journal/resource for students and scholars. Much is available through links at this editorial website, but full access to the database requires library subscription. Has Teacher’s Corner, Scholar’s Edition, and list of Full-Text Sources.


Latino Studies:

Latino Intersections (Dartmouth College).

An online resource in Latino/Latina studies. Offers 5 areas: academic journal, students' work, news and events, resource center, and bulletin board. Resources (links on left) include teaching materials for Latino issues, syllabi for courses in Latina Studies, lists of media and books, and more.


African American History:

Black History––
Biographies, videos, photo galleries, lists, and more, of extraordinary African-Americans and groups such as black lawyers, writers, or activists. Online open access. Type "Black History" into the search engine.

African American History Month (Library of Congress and related government agencies).
February is the month the U.S. celebrates African American history. This site provides comprehensive resources of all kinds from the days of slavery to the present.

Black History Month––
Links to videos, speeches, photo galleries, and articles about people, themes, events, and topics in Black History.

For material on the Civil Rights Movement, see

African American History (University of Washington Libraries).
Comprehensive collection of online resources, including links to general Black History sites as well as those on specific topics such as civil war & slavery. This page has not been updated since 2010, but a link takes the reader to an updated list of resources.

African-American History Timeline (infoplease).
A chronology of black history from the early slave trade through Affirmative Action and Barack Obama’s presidency. Brief entries with links to supporting materials.

For additional information on African American history see the Library of Congress Online Catalog.


Civil Rights Movement:

Civil Rights Digital Library: Documenting America’s Struggle for Racial Equality (Digital Library of Georgia/GALILEO Initiative).
Houses primary sources and other educational materials in digital format from a wide range of sources such as libraries, archives, and museums. An award winning site.

Freedom on Film: Civil Rights in Georgia (The University of Georgia).
History on film of the Civil Rights Movement in Georgia from Brown v. Board of Education in 1954 to early 1970s.

Civil Rights Movement Veterans Website.
A site dedicated to the stories of the veterans of the Southern Freedom Movement during the years 1951 to 1968. Contains a list of speakers, including a Freedom Fighter who is now a teacher in Detroit; photo album; documents; articles; and more.

African American Odyssey: A Quest for Full Citizenship.
Showcases the most important Library of Congress holdings on this topic.


Immigration and Race:

Immigration and Race (Vernellia R. Randall, Professor of Law, University of Dayton).
Links to sites with material on many issues related to the intersection of immigration and race such as justice, institutional racism, and citizenship rights.

Race, Racism and the Law (Vernellia R. Randall, Professor of Law, University of Dayton).
This site considers race, racism and racial distinctions in the law.

Values About Immigration and Race (Pew Research Center, released June 4, 2012).
This article covers trends dealing with U.S. immigration and immigrants from Pew research into American values, 1987-2012: Views of Immigration and Immigrants; Attitudes About Race; Views of Discrimination, and much more.

Immigration and Ethnic History Society.
This society promotes the study of the history of immigration to the U.S. and Canada, ethnic groups in the U.S, and matters of acculturation and conflict. Links to libraries, archives, and research institutions; provides educational resources; and publishes Journal of American Ethnic History.

For additional teaching resources see the James Madison websites General Online Syllabi and Teaching Materials for all areas in James Madison College, and also Teaching Strategies for James Madison College faculty.


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