Plant Biology

Resources for Teaching Plant Biology
Maintained by a group of plant biologists, this site is an excellent source for materials in plant science education at all levels.  Has numerous links to sites for undergraduate education, Arabidopsis teaching resources, photos, videos, animations, and games.

Botanical Society of America.
This site has a teaching section and often publishes teaching articles in its Plant Science Bulletin, which is available free online.  Offers many online features useful for educators, including an image collection and carnivorous plant information.

Fast Plants (University of Wisconsin).
Instructions, resources, lessons, and ordering information for fast plants, a type of crucifer with a rapid growth cycle.

National Science Digital Library (NSDL): Teaching plant biology in higher education.
A comprehensive set of over 3000 annotated links to plant biology resources for teaching.  Includes such topics as land plants online, time lapse photography of plants in motion, assignments, course materials, articles, lectures, and other resources useful for teaching.

Essential Elements for Plant Growth” by Phillip Barak (Dept. of Soil Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison).
Discussion of a key topic in plant biology.

Avoid Misconceptions When Teaching About Plants” by David R. Hershey, an original article, August 2004.
Fifty plant misconceptions are identified in this article and categorized into Oversimplifications, Overgeneralizations, Obsolete Concepts and Terms, Misidentifications, and Flawed Research, followed by Common Misconceptions by Topic, such as Pollination and tropisms.

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Syllabi and Course Materials in Plant Biology

Plants & Human Affairs Home Page.
Syllabus and course materials for this course taught by Dr. Stephen G. Saupe, College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University.

MERLOT: Plant Biology (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching).
This site offers links to almost two dozen multimedia learning materials for teaching Plant Biology, including simulations, tutorials, animation, and reference materials.

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Listservs in Plant Biology
This is a listserv and newsgroup for plant science educators with a searchable archive.

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Michigan State University Plant Biology Resources

MSU Department of Plant Biology.

Useful Links in Plant Biology for MSU Faculty.

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