MSU’s Undergraduate Learning Goals

Undergraduate Learning Goals at MSU
A liberal arts foundation enhances the potential that MSU graduates will be outstanding leaders and life-long learners. These undergraduate learning goals are intended to provide a framework for students’ active engagement in learning both in and out of the classroom. (University Committee on Liberal Learning, April 22, 2009).

Students who complete an undergraduate degree program at Michigan State University will demonstrate the knowledge, attitudes and skills associated with the five interconnected goals listed below and described at:  

Online resources related to teaching each of the five Undergraduate Learning Goals may be accessed via the following links: 

  1. Analytical Thinking
  2. Cultural Understanding
  3. Effective Citizenship
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Integrated Reasoning

Also see, an interactive site offering rubrics for assessing each of the five learning goals. These rubrics can be downloaded or used as the basis for creating custom rubrics to fit specific teaching and learning experiences.