Motivating Students


Understanding methods for motivating students can greatly enhance students' response to a course and performance in it. This section contains links to research findings on student motivation and techniques for motivating students.


General Resources

"Student Goal Orientation, Motivation, and Learning," Marilla D. Svinicki, University of Texas-Austin. (IDEA Paper #41, February 2005). PDF/Adobe Acrobat
This paper discusses current theory and research into student motivation and describes instructional methods that either facilitate or impede learning. Offers suggestions for improving student motivation.
Research into student motivation and strategies for "incorporating methods of motivation into courses."

Motivating Your Students (Princeton University, The McGraw Center for Enhancing Teaching and Learning).
Part One: Methods for motivating students because they value what they are learning.
Part Two: Methods for motivating students because they believe they can learn new material and succeed in the course.

"Getting Students to Read: Fourteen Tips," Eric H. Hobson, Georgia Southern University (IDEA Paper #40, July 2004). PDF/Adobe Acrobat.
Ways to motivate students to do the course reading and methods to assist them in learning from it.

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