Liberal Education


Liberal Education is a philosophy of education that includes broad exposure to multiple disciplines and ways of knowing in conjunction with in-depth study of one area for professional development. It seeks to foster personal and intellectual growth and social responsibility. The sites below provide an overview, resources, and articles about this approach in higher education.


General Resources

"What is Liberal Education?" (Association of American Colleges and Universities).
Defines Liberal Education and other terms associated with it.

Association of American Colleges and Universities: Liberal Education.
This site contains descriptions of AAC&U initiatives in Liberal Education and links to their publications and other resources on Liberal Education.

A Crucible Moment: College Learning & Democracy’s Future,” by the National Task Force on Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement (Association of American Colleges and Universities, AAC&U).
This report calls on educators to envision a college education with civic learning and democratic engagement as its goals rather than a more limited mission of workforce preparation. Downloadable PDFs of entire report or highlights.

American Academy for Liberal Education (AALE).
The AALE is dedicated to promoting Liberal Education. This site contains links to their newsletter, research, publications, and other resources on Liberal Education, all available as PDF files. The site also provides information and guidelines on AALE accreditation for college and university liberal arts programs.

Philosophy of Liberal Education, compiled by Andrew Chrucky
Bibliography of books and articles on Liberal Education with live links to those available online.

The Summer/Fall 2005 issue of Liberal Education, a publication of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, focuses on "Educating for Personal and Social Responsibility." Below are links to the online articles discussing the theme from this issue.

"Fostering Personal and Social Responsibility on College and University Campuses," Richard H. Hersh and Carol Geary Schneider.

"It Takes a Village: Academic Dishonesty and Educational Opportunity," Donald L. McCabe.

"What Really Matters in College: How Students View and Value Liberal Education" Debra Humphreys and Abigail Davenport.

Previous issues of Liberal Education are available online and for purchase at this site:
Each issue is themed and has several articles available online.

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