Incorporating Multicultural Content into Your Teaching


Infusing multicultural content into courses and curricula presents an important challenge for college and university campuses across the U.S. All students benefit from exposure to diverse cultures and perspectives, while those from traditionally underrepresented groups are supported when their special needs and contributions are recognized. This section provides resources for designing curricula, programs, and courses that incorporate multicultural content and acknowledge diverse student populations. The first few links deal with curriculum transformation; the following links focus on course content and syllabi.


General Resources

Multicultural Curriculum Transformation (Northern Illinois University)
Definitions, rationale, and phases involved in transforming a curriculum to be “genuinely inclusive of all people.”

Effective Multicultural Curriculum Transformation in “Advanced” Mathematics and “Hard” Sciences,” Christine Clark (University of Maryland, College Park).
Discusses the need for a multicultural curriculum in math and science, and gives examples of how this is being done in both pedagogy and content. Includes bibliography.

Diversity Digest, Fall/Winter 2002: Curriculum Transformation.
Online articles in this focused issue of Diversity Digest explore changes in curriculum and course content at several universities that infuse diversity throughout the curriculum or the general education program.

Center for Curriculum Transformation (University of Washington, College of Arts and Sciences).
Dedicated to helping faculty develop courses and curricula that include the study of diverse populations and cultures, this site provides guidelines for course transformation and for departmental review of diversity issues in their curriculum.

Multicultural Teaching & Learning Resources (University of Minnesota, Office for Equity and Diversity).
This inclusive site offers a wide array of online materials and links to relevant sites for understanding and dealing effectively with diversity in the classroom and throughout campus.  Includes materials on designing courses that honor diversity and provide multicultural content.

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Michigan State University Resources

Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatves

Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities

Web Accessibility

Office of Accessibility and Usability

Women's Resource Center

Office of Study Abroad

Office of International Studies and Programs

Library Electronic Resources: Ethnic Studies and Gender Studies

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