Human Pathology

Human Pathology

The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education (WebPath): The University of Utah, School of Medicine provides this WebPath which includes thousands of digital images, hundreds of exam questions, numerous tutorials, anatomy information along with the Case of the Week.

Pathorama: An extensive and freely accessible resource devoted to pathology. Pathorama provides high quality images and virtual slides for teaching and self-instruction. Quizzes and learning games for students, surgical pathologists, and cytopathologists are available. Most of the site is in English with some information in German.

Pathology Image Database (PathoPic): A public access Pathology image database used for medical education and public health information.

Martindales "Virtual" Medical Center; Pathology, Forensics & Virology: A huge educational database covering pathology and a variety of other topics.

Pathology Courses - General and Systemic Histopathology: Course information is provided in the sections listed as Slides and Clinical Cases in the left index column.

  • Pathological Conditions Every Doctor Needs to Know: Photomicrographs of pathological conditions that every doctor needs to know. Self-help quizzes are included plus a section on normal tissues.
  • Pathology Clinical Cases: Clinical cases are constructed with subjects providing their histories along with information from the laboratory and X-Ray departments. Quizzes at the end of each case help to reinforce major points in each exercise.

Mechanisms of Human Disease- LUMEN: LUMEN provides an example of a learning experience for medical students with the science of pathology forming the core of the course along with integrating concepts and factual information from various medical disciplines.

Department of Pathology Online Case Studies: University of Pittsburg, College of Medicine provides online case studies by their Department of Pathology.

Renal Pathology Tutorial: Normal tissues plus information that causes some of the diseases is presented in this tutorial.

Group for Research in Pathology Education (GRIPE).
Teaching resources, scholarly research and innovation in medical education, and faculty development materials.

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Sample Course Materials, Resources, & Digital Libraries

Medical Student Course Materials: Virginia Commonwealth University's (VCU) Department of Pathology provides on line medical student education materials for VCUs School of Medicine.

Pathology Education Instructional Resource (PEIR) Digital Library: A public access digital database for use in medical education. The digital library, provided by the University of Alabama, Department of Pathology, can be accessed by choosing the various sources of information, keywords and types of images.

The Neuropathology Navigator: Designed at Michigan State University for second-year medical students in a neuroscience systems course, the website provides easy access to all topics and sub-topics of the Neuropathology self-instructional units. Resources include interactive practice quizzes, case examples, downloadable and printable PDF units with corresponding image galleries, cases, quizzes, exercises and additional resource information to support the course objectives.

Frontal Cortex: An educational resource providing hundreds of digital images and more than 300 questions, answers and explanations regarding neuropathology.

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Michigan State University's Human Pathology Resources

Division of Human Pathology:

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