General Resources in Horticulture

American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS).
This society is dedicated to advancing horticultural research, education, and application. See the website for ASHS conferences, meetings, and publications.

ASHS publishes books, CDs, manuals, proceedings, and three online journals:
Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science

American Horticultural Society.
A national gardening association for gardeners at all skill levels. Offers gardening education, practical information, and the opportunity to share experiences with other gardeners.

International Society for Horticultural Science.
An international site for horticultural scientists. Publishes three journals, offers opportunities for international networking, and sponsors international horticultural conferences and symposia.

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Teaching Horticulture

MERLOT: Horticulture.
Provides links to several items useful for teaching horticulture.

WebGarden (Ohio State University).
A knowledge bank and multimedia learning center focused on plants. Searchable databases, images, videos, FAQ’s, and more.

Agripedia (University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture).
A comprehensive multimedia instructional resource for all areas within the study of agriculture and natural resources, including horticulture. Type “horticulture” into the searchable database for links to relevant resources for teaching. Unfortunately, there are some dead links on the site, but it still has much to offer educators who are willing to browse through the numerous links provided.

Incremental Integration: A Successful Service-Learning Strategy” by David Berle, University of Georgia. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Vol. 18, No. 1, 2006.
Describes service-learning and discusses strategies for integrating service learning into a department-wide curriculum in horticulture.

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Journals on Teaching Horticulture

Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education (American Society of Agronomy).
A peer reviewed journal for teaching ideas K-16 in the life sciences, natural resources, and agriculture. Type “horticulture” into their search engine for articles useful for teaching horticulture. Online version continuously updated during the year; one hard copy version published in December. Current issue available to paid subscribers only; full text of archived issues 1998-2005 available free online.

NACTA Journal (The North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture).
This journal focuses on college teaching in the agricultural, environmental, natural, and life sciences. Condensed issues from 2004 and 2005 are available online. Each issue contains a “teaching tips” section with practical ideas and materials

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Michigan State University Horticulture Resources

MSU Department of Horticulture.

Horticulture and Gardening Research Guide, MSU Libraries, Subject Specialist--Suzanne Teghtmeyer.

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