Teaching Geography

Internet Resources for Geographers (Anita Howard and Kenneth Foote, University of Colorado at Boulder).
A mega-site with links to organizations, web-based geography journals, map collections, educational resources, syllabi, discussion groups, and much more.

International Network for Learning and Teaching in Geography. (University of Canterbury, U.K).
Dedicated to geography education worldwide, this network provides a listserv, newsletter, workshops, and publications.

Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (GEES), U.K.
Extensive online resources to support teaching and learning in these three subject areas. Maintains a searchable resource database that can also be browsed by subject, educational taxonomy, and skills classification.

Planet, bi-annual publication of the GEES Subject Centre.
Publishes articles and information on good practice in teaching and learning geography, earth and environmental sciences. All issues since January 2001 available in PDF format.

Teaching Geography in Higher Education: A Manual of Good Practice, John R. Gold, Alan Jenkins, Roger Lee, Janice Monk, Judith Riley, Ifan Shepherd, David Unwin. Geography Discipline Network, 1991. 
An entire book published online, including guidance for lectures, fieldwork, teaching strategies, assessment, and program design.

Geography Discipline Network (GDN), U.K.
This network provides pedagogic resources for geography, earth and environmental sciences in higher education. The site contains numerous links to projects, active learning initiatives, publications, and other resources.

National Council for Geographic Education.
Promotes the value of geographic education for students at all levels. Provides resources, publications, meetings, and much more.

Journal of Geography (A publication of the National Council for Geographic Education). 
Publishes articles, reviews, and research in geographic education from pre-K through post-graduate levels.

Journal of Geography in Higher Education
Published three times a year, this international journal provides a forum for discussion of geography teaching, educational research, and related areas of interest in geography education worldwide. Subscription required.

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Geography Discussion Groups

Resources for Geographers: Geography Newsgroups & Listservers (University of Colorado at Boulder). 
Extensive links to newsgroups, web discussion groups, listservers with information for joining, and other discussion lists related to geography worldwide.

See also General Social Science Resources for additional discipline-specific materials.

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