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The Social Sciences are the academic disciplines that study humans and their social behaviors. These studies apply the rigorous research methodologies of scientific inquiry in the study of humanity, including qualitative and quantitative methods. For further information on the history of the Social Sciences, disciplines it encompasses, and criticisms and controversies within the field, see the following website:



The links below provide general resources for teaching in all the Social Science disciplines organized into mega-sites, discussion groups, and resources for numerical data.

Mega-Sites for Instructional Materials in the Social Sciences

MERLOT: Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching.
A rich mega-site with online discipline-specific resources for teaching and learning materials in all fields. Browse peer reviewed learning materials, including assignments and syllabi, tutorials, toolkits, and projects. Discipline communities provide educational resources within disciplinary areas and offer opportunities to submit your own modules and communicate with colleagues in your field.

SocioSite: Social Sciences Information System (University of Amsterdam).
An extensive international site with annotated lists of Social Science links worldwide.

Materials range from newsgroups, newsletters, journals, courses and curricula resources, to webliographies on over 150 sociological subjects. A valuable resource for teaching and research.

Scholarly Societies Project (University of Waterloo Library).
An extensive listing of the websites of scholarly societies and professional organizations worldwide organized by subject.  The Social Sciences are at  The homepage at the URL below contains other scholarly resources such as links to academies and royal societies, international unions, and federations of scholarly societies.

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Discussion Groups in the Social Sciences

H-Net Discussion Network (Michigan State University).
Links to over 100 email discussion networks for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Women-Related Social Science Email Lists (Joan Korenman, University of Maryland, Baltimore County).
Lists over 50 national and international women-related discussion lists on issues in the Social Sciences, with subscription information or live links to each.

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Social Science Statistics and Other Numeric Data

Center for Statistical Training and Consulting, CSTAT (Michigan State University).
CSTAT provides training and consulting in statistics for MSU faculty, staff, and graduate students. Services support all aspects of statistical research from project design to analysis and presentation of results.

Social Science Data on the Net (University of California, San Diego).
Links to 360 Internet sites of numeric Social Science statistical data, data catalogs, data libraries, and Social Science data gateways.

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