General Online Syllabi and Teaching Materials for All Areas in James Madison College

James Madison College is a residential college of public affairs and liberal education at Michigan State University, offering sophisticated multidisciplinary programs in the social sciences founded on a model of liberal education. The college prepares students for law school, graduate study, decision-making roles in public and private enterprise, and careers in government, media, politics, social services, public administration, education, business and industry, and the foreign service.  The four majors of the college are Social Relations and PolicyComparative Cultures and PoliticsPolitical Theory and Constitutional Democracy, and International Relations.  The following resources have been gathered for the benefit of JMC faculty, or those teaching in similar multi-disciplinary areas, who are interested in reviewing online course syllabi and materials  from other institutions and associations. 

Online Political Science Syllabi.
Collected and reviewed by members of the American Political Science Association, this site offers links to syllabi in a wide range of courses, including Comparative Politics; Gender, Sexuality, and American politics; and International Relations.

The following five online syllabi collections were suggested by the American Political Science Association:

  1. The Society for Political Methodology:  Papers, Posters, and Syllabi.
    Syllabi cover such areas as methods in political analysis and American Politics.
  2. The Miller Center of Public Affairs Syllabi Collection (University of Virginia).
    Over 200 syllabi from scholars that pertain to American political development, international relations, and governing America in a global era.
  3. MITOpenCourseware.
    A free site for over 2000 courses taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with syllabi, tests, course materials, assignments, and other materials prepared by individual instructors at MIT.
    See, for example, the links to MIT Political Science courses at the following site:
  4. Notre Dame OpenCourseWare.
    This syllabi collection offers courses in Peace Studies and Poverty Studies, as well as Political Science, Sociology, and other areas of possible interest to JMC faculty.
  5. Tufts OpenCourseWare––The Fletcher School of International Relations.
    Provides syllabus and course materials, including an all-day simulation role-play exercise, for the course International Multilateral Negotiation.

Other Sources for Syllabi and Teaching Resources in Specific Disciplines

TRAILS, the American Sociology Association Teaching Resources and Innovation Library for Sociology.
Offers thousands of good ideas for teaching sociology, each well-organized with usage notes, learning goals and assessments, and files to download.  Resources include everything from syllabi to assignments, images, and class activities.  Users may submit and publish, based on review by area editors using resource acceptance criteria.

See also the American Sociological Association links to additional teaching and learning resources and publications:

American Anthropological Association, AAA.
Provides a rich list of annotated links to anthropology information available on the Internet, including listservs and discussion groups, museums, visual anthropology collections and much more at

American Studies Association, ASA.
A society devoted to the interdisciplinary study of American culture and history.  Sponsors the Encyclopedia of American Studies Online, a searchable database of material in American Studies.  Humor Studies Caucus offers links to humor syllabi/studies.


Media Studies

VoS: Media Studies (Voice of the Shuttle, Alan Liu and team, U.C. Santa Barbara).
This site offers links to online resources for teaching, covering a broad range of media topics.
For course syllabi & teaching resources in Media Studies see

Media Arts and Sciences (MIT OpenCourseWare, Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
From introductory courses to graduate courses, this site provides syllabi and course materials in those media studies courses offered at MIT.

Society for Cinema and Media Studies Teaching Resources.
Offers syllabi, lesson plans and assignments, technology tutorials, material on media literacy and more. The ScreenSite link presently offers 422 courses.

Gender, Race, and Ethnicty in Media (University of Iowa).
Scroll down this page to “Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in Media” for 14 links to topics in this area such as Advertising, Cyberspace, Indigenous Peoples.  Each sub-title opens annotated links on a broad array of related subjects.

See also on this website the resources collected for the MSU Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media (TISM).


Cultural Studies

VoS: Cultural Studies (Voice of the Shuttle, Alan Liu ad team, U.C. Santa Barbara).
Topics with links on this page cover blacks, border crossings, popular/mass culture studies, postcolonial/colonial studies, globalism, and more.

Association for Cultural Studies: Resources
Links to cultural studies associations, centers and networks, teaching programs, websites, publications, and worldwide programs.  An international community of cultural studies.

Cultural Studies Association.
Divisions include one on Pedagogy.

Assessing Cultural Understanding

  1. Intercultural Knowledge and Competence VALUE Rubric

  2. Civic Knowledge and Engagement––Local and Global––VALUE Rubric


Gender Studies

Vos:  Gender and Sexuality Studies (Voice of the Shuttle, Alan Liu and team, U.C. Santa Barbara).
Links to resources for teaching in these areas.

For syllabi in Women’s Studies & Feminist Theory see

See also on this website the page on Gender and Women’s Studies for additional teaching resources in this area:


General Resources for Syllabi and Teaching Materials

MITOpenCourseware (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
The MITOpenCourseware detailed above is an excellent free resource for examining syllabi and all manner of course materials in specific disciplinary areas.  Well-organized and easy to use.

MERLOT:  Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching.
An excellent source for all kinds of learning resources and disciplinary communities; for example, type International Relations into the search box to yield an extensive list of syllabi and other resources in that area.

VoS:  Voice of the Shuttle (Alan Liu and a team of developers, University of California, Santa Barbara).
This site is a database for online syllabi and resources for teaching in the Humanities/Social Sciences/Arts, all contributed by faculty in these areas. Extensive links are provided for such areas as Politics and Government, Media Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, and Cultural Studies.

The Higher Education Academy, UK.
Offers links and materials to a wide variety of disciplines.


Discussion Lists

H-Net Discussion Networks
This site offers access to a broad range of discussion lists in the humanities for scholars and educators. Subscription information provided, plus searchable email logs.

Also see the JMC Syllabus site, which contains syllabi for many courses taught in the four JMC programs:

For additional resources, see Teaching Strategies for James Madison College Faculty.