Experiential/Out-of-Class Learning


Experiential learning is an approach to education that focuses on "learning by doing," on the participant's subjective experience. The role of the educator is to design "direct experiences" that include preparatory and reflective exercises. The websites below provide guidelines and examples of experience-based learning in higher education.


General Resources

Experiential Learning and Experiential Education, James Neill (University of Canberra, Centre for Applied Psychology).
A comprehensive guide to the philosophy, theory, practice, and resources of experiential learning.
Link: http://www.wilderdom.com/experiential/

"Experience-Based Learning," Lee Andresen, David Boud, and Ruth Cohen. From Understanding Adult Education and Training, 2nd edition, Foley, G.,ed. Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 2000, 225-238. PDF/Adobe Acrobat.
This article defines and describes EBL, including several proposed models for it, and discusses its use in current higher education programs.
Link: http://complexworld.pbworks.com/f/Experience-based%20learning.pdf

Moving Beyond the Classroom (Module 4 of Getting Results, an online course for instructors on course development, funded by the National Science Foundation, produced by WGBH in Boston and The League for Innovation).
Presents many ways to create learning opportunities that incorporate community and industry resources into your courses.

David A. Kolb on Experiential Learning, Mark K. Smith (George Williams College, London, and University of Strathclyde, Glasgow).
Explains Kolb's model of experiential learning, its possibilities and problems; then presents Jarvis' model as an extension of the Kolb Model. Includes recommended readings and links to online experiential learning sites.
Link: http://infed.org/mobi/david-a-kolb-on-experiential-learning/

National Society of Experiential Education.
This website from the NSEE presents a list of "Eight Principles of Good Practice for All Experiential Learning Activities."
Link: http://www.nsee.org/standards-and-practice

Center for Experiential Education and Academic Advising at Northeastern University.
This website provides information on the various components of Northeastern’s experiential education program plus links to articles and other resources on experiential education.

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