Department of Medicine Databases for Clinical Educators & Case Studies

Department of Medicine Databases for Clinical Educators & Case Studies A unique resource provided through funding from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, the Drexel University College of Medicine and support from the American Academy on Communication in Health Care (AACH). Approximately 41 media-rich educational modules cover various aspects of healthcare communication skills taught in medical education. The resource provides users with knowledge, skills review and opportunities for reflection. Assignments are given to students along with assessment of performance via discussion, multiple choice and short answer questions.

The Physicians' Information and Education Resource (PIER): A free resource to members of the American College of Physicians (ACP). Clinical educators use this database to find authoritative and evidence-based clinical information used in teaching medical education.

UpToDate: A database for clinical educators, clinicians, for institutions and patients. Though a subscription is needed, free review of the database can be seen as to how the latest evidenced based medicine can be used for training programs and also to improve patient care.

Teaching in Your Office: A Guide to Instructing Medical Students and Residents: A listing of education resources can be found at this American College of Physicians (ACP) Internal Medicine website. Click on each of the topics listed to view additional resources.

Yale Medical School Case Studies: While accessing the various educational case studies, click on the numbers listed at the top for a variety of additional information related to each case.

Acid-Base Physiology Clinical Examples: This application assists with applying issues clinically to patient care. The series of real patient examples are used as an educational tool to gain practical experience, to assist with the assessment of the cases and to highlight the importance of clinical details.

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Department of Medicine Course Materials & Resources

Access to Care - Digital Presentations: The creation of this site was funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). It provides five modules to introduce and reinforce teaching points regarding access to health care in the U.S.

Public Health Image Library (PHIL): Photos, illustrations, multi-media files of diseases can be found in this library for use in medical education.

Alcohol Clinical Training (ACT) Project: Established by the Boston Medical Center and Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health, this free on-line newsletter and curriculum for educators and clinicians teach skills on how to address alcohol problems in primary care settings. Power point teaching slides, curriculum information, etc. are included.

Adolescent Health Curriculum: The site was developed for use by those involved in the teaching of adolescent health or the clinical care of adolescents and young adults. Each section includes cases, questions and answers, web-links and references.

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General Internal Medicine

Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM): The Education Committee and various other task forces and work groups of SGIM help develop new material geared toward internal medicine training. SGIM maintains a central repository for information on curricula and educational resources for clinician educators and they help develop and evaluate innovations in medical education. Click on resources for additional information on teaching geriatrics, HIV counseling, etc.

Alliance for Internal Academic Medicine (AAIM): AAIM is a consortium of five academic specialty organizations which represent internal medicine departments at medical schools and teaching hospitals. The five groups are the Association of Professors of Medicine (APM), the Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine (APDIM), the Association of Specialty Professors (ASP), the Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine (CDIM), and the Administrators of Internal Medicine (AIM). Links to these sites can be found at AAIM along with medical student education resource information.

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The ECG Wave-Maven: Harvard Medical School has created the infrastructure for a unique web-based tutorial focusing on ECG pedagogy.

ECG Tutorial: University of Utahs on-line tutorial includes diagrams, images, pictures, and tests collected from their medical and nursing student, fellow and physician training. A standardized sequence of steps is outlined with the goal of avoiding any missing subtle abnormalities.

Case-Based Curriculum of Clinical Medicine Cardiology: Cases, questions, images, etc. are provided for medical education.

Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts: Clicking on a specific concept or tutorials located in the left column of this on-line educational site provides detailed explanations of general principals, factors involved, treatment, prevention and other issues.

Cardiovascular Pharmacology Concepts: This educational site provides general pharmacologic principles, the mechanisms of action of cardiovascular drugs, and the rationale for drug use. The content emphasizes the biophysical, biochemical, and cellular basis for drug therapy which are accessed by clicking on the tutorials, clinical disorders and therapeutic classes located in the left column.

Hyper Heart Animations created for Pharmacology Class: Hyper Heart, a teaching tool developed for a pharmacology course, includes blood flow, aortic/ventricular volumes and pressures that are present in a normal cardiac cycle. (Large Databases-Knowledge Weavers, Pharmacology and Cardiology) (Pop-ups need to be unblocked in order to view tutorial information. Also right click and choose play to view the heart at work.)

Cardiac Diagnostics: Images of EKGs, echocardiograms and cardiac interventional videos are showcased to assist in learning and interpreting cardiac diagnostic tests.

Heart Dissection: Photographed dissections of a pig heart, used in education, are provided.

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Hematology / Oncology

Atlas of Hematology: The on-line atlas, a collaboration of several Japanese faculty/institutions, provides blood and bone marrow smears of normal and abnormal cells.

Atlas of Hematology: This learning tool covers hematologic diseases and is organized into the following categories: maturation sequence, alterations of erythrocytes, anemias, leukemias, parasites and fungus, and miscellaneous.

BloodLine Image Atlas: The image atlas of over 800 slides is part of the on-line resource for hematology education and news. Images can be accessed by Keyword Search or by Categorical Index which is organized by disease, cell type, etc.

HemoSurf - An Interactive Hematology Atlas Demo Version: Provided by the School of Medicine, University of Bern and the University Hospital, Bern, this atlas includes a large database of normal, abnormal and diseased blood and bone marrow films complete with learning and reference modules. Though not all accessible, there is a large amount of information that is provided.

Case-Based Curriculum of Clinical Medicine Hematology and Oncology: Cases, questions, images, etc. are provided for medical education.

Visuals On-Line at the National Cancer Institute (NCI): NCI provides images of anatomical, cellular, stages of disease and other medically related information accessible by searching entire database or by searching by category. Choosing Other Options under Browse provides images by categories such as anatomy, diagnosis, pathology, treatment, etc.

Inside Cancer: Made possible by a grant from NIH, this online database includes the causes of cancer, what epidemiologists study, plus virology, pharmacology, pathology, and cancer biology information.

Cancer Genome Anatomy Project (CGAP): Click on educational resources at left for an understanding of the gene expression profiles of normal, precancer, and cancer cells, leading eventually to improved detection, diagnosis, and treatment for the patient.

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Case-Based Curriculum of Clinical Medicine Endocrinology: Cases, questions, images, etc. are provided for medical education.

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Immunology & Serology

Cells Alive: On-line educational resource site covers topics in Cell Biology, Microbiology, Immunology and Microscopy. The majority of the site is freely accessible and includes film and computer-enhanced images of living cells and organisms, interactive models, Cell Biology and Immunology quizzes, etc.

Case-Based Curriculum of Clinical Medicine Immunology: Cases, questions, images, etc. are provided for medical education.

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Infectious Disease

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAIF): This NIH website includes comprehensive educational information on related health and research topics, publications, and clinical studies conducted or supported by NIAIF. Definitions, overviews, symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, research and other information is provided for a variety of disorders, diseases, infections, etc.

National electronic Library of Infection (NeLI): The United Kingdoms national digital library of infection is the home of on-line, evidence-based, quality resources on the topic of infectious disease.

Case-Based Curriculum of Clinical Medicine Infectious Diseases: Cases, questions, images, etc. are provided for medical education.

Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases: Computerized Teaching Materials and References: Examples of lectures, teaching materials, syllabi, objectives and a disease index can be found at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine website. Included are Clinical Cases; an Infectious Disease Laboratory Manual; Common Causes of Various Diseases; Notifiable Diseases; Skin Rashes-Diseases; etc.

Public Health Image Library (PHIL): Photos, illustrations, multi-media files of diseases can be found in this library for use in medical education.

AIDS Images Library: A searchable online library of AIDS-related images, illustrations and other information can be used for medical education. The left column provides an option of slides being accessed by category or at the top of the site, by disease, organ system or type of images.

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Case-Based Curriculum of Clinical Medicine Pulmonology: Cases, questions, images, etc. are provided for medical education.

Pulmonary Case Studies: Instruction materials for use in teaching medical students, residents and fellows. This Loyola University site provides digital images, questions and answers regarding a variety of cases.

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American College of Physicians (ACP)

American College of Physicians (ACP): A listing of educational resources can be found at this (ACP) Internal Medicine website.

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Michigan State University Medicine Resources

Department of Medicine:

Access to Care - Digital Presentations: The creation of this site was funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). It provides five modules to introduce and reinforce teaching points regarding access to health care in the U.S.

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