Curriculum Design


A quality educational program is well designed and continuously evaluated. The resources below are useful for designing new curricula or reviewing existing curricula.


General Resources


Concept Mapping and Curriculum (The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Teaching Resource Center).
Uses concept maps as planning devices for curriculum development. Lists other readings and online resources for concept mapping and curriculum design.

Understanding by Design Framework by Wiggins and McTighe: A Summary
A summary of the "backwards design" model for instructional development, a curriculum design approach that begins with the desired end results and works backwards through the curriculum design process to achieve them.

The College Curriculum Renewal Project (Georgetown University)
Profiles of curricular revision in many disciplines to serve as models for a variety of curriculum development approaches. Includes an example of "backwards design" in Sociology & Anthropology. Other web pages on this site describe the CCRP at Georgetown University.

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