Criminal Justice

General Resources in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Resources (Jon Harrison, Michigan State University Libraries).
A table of contents with links to a wide assortment of websites related to criminal justice, ranging from specific topics to listservs and periodicals.

Criminal Justice Mega-Sites: The Best Links on the Web (Tom O’Connor, Austin Peay State University).
A comprehensive site with links to criminal justice professors’ websites, special topics, data and facts, police resources, legal and law-related resources and libraries, corrections and prison-related resources, publishers, journals, discussion lists, and professional organizations.

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Teaching Criminal Justice

Journal of Criminal Justice Education (Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences).
Articles cover post-secondary education in criminal justice, criminology, and related areas. Subscribers have access to the electronic version of current and archived issues.

Teaching Criminal Justice in Liberal Arts Education: A Sociologist’s Confessions,” Mathieu Deflem. ACJS Today, Newsletter of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, 22 (2): 1, 3-5, 2002.

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Simulations and Gaming

Model Prison: Simulation in a Corrections Class,” Janice Rienerth, Appalachian State University. Sociation Today, Vol.3, No.1, Spring 2005.
This article discusses the theoretical basis for using a simulation project to enhance learning, and then provides a full description of using a model prison simulation project in a corrections class, including student presentations, evaluation, and results. Includes a PowerPoint slide presentation as an example of this simulation in use.

See also General Social Science Resources for additional discipline-specific materials.

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