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Teaching for creativity is an approach to teaching that promotes students' independent thinking and creative abilities, "encouraging individuals to construct understandings that are new to them" (Peter Knight, Higher Education Academy website below). The following links offer insights into classroom environments that encourage creativity, present examples of teaching for creativity, and provide techniques for encouraging creative thinking.


General Resources

Developing Creative Capacities (writing, inventing, designing, performing in art, music, drama, etc.),” Jennifer Franklin and Michael Theall (IDEA Learning Objective #6, July 2007).
This article provides background information on creativity in higher education, lists the pedagogical approaches and teacher behaviors that appear to work best in fostering creativity, discusses creativity as a social process in the classroom community, and addresses assessment issues.

Tomorrow's Professor Mailing List sponsored by the Stanford Center for Teaching and Learning features the following article on creativity
#1080, "Why Creativity, Why Now?" by Hal Blythe and Charlie Sweet of Eastern Kentucky U., looks at the teaching of creativity and why it is so important to do it now.

"Gave projects, tests, or assignments that required original or creative thinking," Cynthia Desrochers, California State University, Northridge (POD-IDEA Center Note, IDEA Item #19, July 2004).
Discusses the conditions necessary for creativity to occur--a solid knowledge base, freedom to experiment, and time--and ways to assess assignments that foster students' creativity.

"Problem Solving and Creativity," Chapter Five from Teaching Engineering, Wankat and Oreovicz. PDF/Adobe Acrobat.
Describes methods for teaching problem solving strategies in engineering classes. Then goes on to discuss ways professors can nurture students' creative abilities, including giving them specific creativity techniques such as brainstorming and lateral thinking. Provides useful information for encouraging creative thinking in all disciplines.

On Creativity: An Index, Leslie Owen Wilson (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point).
This site is a compendium of materials on creativity and creative processes, ranging from "notable thoughts" on creativity by well-known people to definitions, models of creativity, books, links, and ways to foster creativity.

Creativity Techniques (Mycoted: Creativity and Innovation in Science and Technology).
A list of more than 200 creativity techniques and tools for all disciplines with a description of each and methods for its use. Also has links to numerous creativity websites.

Imaginative Education Research Group Portal.
This group focuses on K-college education worldwide focused on fostering the creative imagination. Holds an annual conference; sponsors workshops and seminars; does research; and publishes a newsletter, videos, books, and conference proceedings.

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Assessing Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking VALUE Rubric

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