Competency-based Training

Training Modules Example

ACGME Competency Project Training Modules: The University of Rochester designed six practical modules for residencies and fellowships based on competency objectives which are available in downloadable format. Topics such as Pain Management, Communicating Bad News, Informed Consent and Capacity are included. Each module provides objectives, formats, readings, slides, test questions and evaluation forms which could also be targeted toward undergraduate medical education.


Medical School Curriculum Example

Competency Based Medical School Curriculum: Indiana University provides their detailed checklist of nine necessary competencies, the specific knowledge base required, criteria for assessment, levels of achievement, and an assessment toolbox containing multiple examples.

  1. Effective Communication:
  2. Basic Clinical Skills:
  3. Using Science to Guide Diagnosis, Management, Therapeutics and Prevention:
  4. Lifelong Learning:
  5. Self-Awareness, Self-Care and Personal Growth:
  6. Social & Community Contexts of Healthcare:
  7. Moral Reasoning and Ethical Judgment:
  8. Problem Solving:
  9. Professionalism and Role Recognition:

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