Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Resources for Teaching Communicative Sciences & Disorders

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).
ASHA sponsors conferences, journals, books, assessment materials, and is the credentialing association for members and affiliates in this field.  Their website provides both scientific and practical information about speech, language, and audiology for educators, their students, and the public.

Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (MITOpenCourseWare).
Curriculum and courses--including syllabi, assignments, and course materials--are free and downloadable.  Courses offered that pertain to Communicative Sciences and Disorders include Speech Communication, Brain Mechanisms for Hearing and Speech, Modeling Issues in Speech and Hearing, Neural Coding and Perception of Sound, and several others.

Promenade ‘round the Cochlea.  (Project Manager, Remy Pujol, Inserm, Montpellier, France).  
Aimed at assisting the teaching of the auditory system to medical and biology students, this site may also be useful to those working with auditory disorders and audiology and their students. Excellent visuals, sometimes with animation, describe every aspect of the inner and outer ear. Also provides links to related sites on the auditory system or hearing.

Teachnology: The Online Teacher Resource K through High School.
Annotated resources in speech/language pathology, which may be useful for higher education faculty and their students as well as in the K-12 schools.

Multicultural Affairs and Resources (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association).
This site offers links to a wide selection of material and resources on multicultural issues related to speech/language/hearing disorders and differences. Includes sample courses, syllabi, and instructional activities for a Multicultural/Multilingual Issues (MMI) foundational course or for infusing MMI issues within any given course.
SLP/AUD (Speech Language Pathology/Audiology) Website Directory Project.
A comprehensive portal to information on Audiology, Speech Language Pathology, and related areas.

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Michigan State University Resources for Teaching Communicative Sciences & Disorders

MSU Department of Communicative Sciences & Disorders.

MSU Library Resources for Comunicative Sciences and Disorders.

MSU Library:  Other E-Resources in Communicative Sciences and Disorders.

See also College of Communication Arts & Sciences General Resources.

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