Clinical Skills Training & Resources

Clinical Skills Training & Resources

The Practice of Medicine I: University of Virginia Health System site includes course goals and objectives, course content for a variety of topics, interviewing modules, teaching videos, and other course information.

Videos of Physical Examinations, History & Physical: Video modules include examinations of the chest; cardiac, neurological and other examinations; and history and physical.

Course Resources: University of Virginia Health System includes various teaching sites of the physical diagnosis.

Case-Based Curriculum of Clinical Medicine – The Physical Exam: Cases, questions, images, etc. are provided for medical education. Family Medicine; Geriatrics; Cardiology-Med; Infectious Diseases-Med; Immunology-Med; Pulmonology-Medicine; Hematology & Oncology-Med; Endocrinology-Med; Neurology.

A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine: This University of California - San Diego clinical education site was created for students and other health care professionals. Included are digital images, instructions on providing a comprehensive physical examination and other clinical education information.

Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training: The United Kingdom’s (UK) National Association of Primary Care Educators and other UK groups contributed to this document in order to create a core curriculum on immunization training.

Clinical Skills – On-Line Video Demonstrations: Videos demonstrating various clinical skills at St. Georges, University Of London, UK, such as basic respiratory, cardiovascular and abdominal examinations, catheterizations, and other skills.

Clinical Skills Videos: Videos of teaching clinical skills can be found at this Michigan State University (MSU) website.

Recordings of Lung Sounds: Example of a learning tool is provided for non-commercial use by this Canadian site.

Practical Strategies for Communicating With Patients: A quick reference guide for communicating with patients.

Heart Sounds and Cardiac Arrhythmias: Articles on competency in cardiac examination skills in medical students and other medical professionals plus using virtual tools can be found at this website (click on “News” in the tab section) along with tutorials of heart sounds and cardiac arrhythmias (found under “Tutorials”).

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