Civic Engagement


Civic engagement is a model of teaching that combines civic responsibility with academic preparation. As part of their academic instruction, students engage in activities that teach them about citizenship in a democratic society. The ultimate goal of this approach is to create informed adults who will be active in and committed to the democratic practices of our society. The links below provide rationale and methodology for this approach to teaching, which will be useful to both administrators and faculty members.


General Resources

Campus Compact.
A comprehensive site on the value of civic engagement and methods for implementing it. Links to many web resources plus bibliographies of books and articles.

Strategies for Creating an Engaged Campus (Campus Compact).
A toolkit for academic administrators who wish to increase their students' engagement with the local community.

Civic Engagement (Association of American Colleges and Universities, AAC&U).
A comprehensive listing of AAC&U's current work on civic engagement. Contains links to articles, publications, programs, and other resources from AAC&U's initiative American Commitments: Diversity, Democracy, and Liberal Learning.

A Crucible Moment: College Learning & Democracy’s Future,” by the National Task Force on Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement (Association of American Colleges and Universities, AAC&U).
This report calls on educators to envision a college education with civic learning and democratic engagement as its goals rather than a more limited mission of workforce preparation. Downloadable PDFs of entire report or highlights.

American Democracy Project (American Association of State Colleges and Universities, AASCU).
A site dedicated to encouraging schools to develop programs that increase student involvement in public life. Has links to presentations from their annual conference, assessment tools such as questionnaires, and examples of civic engagement audit materials from several college campuses.

Peer Review, (Association of American Colleges and Universities), Spring 2003, Vol. 5, No. 3. Theme is Educating for Citizenship.
Several articles are available online, including "Educating for Citizenship," which sketches out six different kinds of learning spurred by civic engagement.

See also Service Learning on this website.

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Assessing Civic Engagement

Civic Knowledge and Engagement—Local and Global-- VALUE Rubric

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