Art and Art History

Resources for Teaching Art and Art History

Art History Resources on the Web (Christopher L.C.E. Witcombe, Sweet Briar College).
This award-winning site covers the gamut of art history topics from prehistoric to contemporary, plus museums, research resources, blogs, newsletters, course syllabi, and much more. Searchable database.  Professor Witcombe also hosts a series of brief, humorous but informative art history videos at

VoS:  Voice of the Shuttle (Alan Liu and a development team, University of California, Santa Barbara).
A continually developing database in the Humanities with rich and comprehensive sections on Art (Modern and Contemporary) and Art History.

Visual Arts Resources (McGraw Hill).
Links to six sites that have distinguished collections of visual arts with accompanying biographies of the artists and other valuable material for arts educators:  Webmuseum Paris, Edo no Iki Gallery, National Gallery of Art, etc.

Art & Learning to Think & Feel (Marvin Bartel, Goshen College).
A collection of essays and art lessons for college teachers of art education.

MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching).
Type “art” into their search engine for access to hundreds of annotated links to courses, resources, and materials for teaching art and art history.

Art/Design/Media Subject Centre of the Higher Education Academy, UK.
Offers resources and relevant links for supporting and developing learning and teaching in art, design, media, history of art and the history of design in higher education.

Research and Knowledge (National Art Education Association).
This site links to approximately 125 electronic journals, articles on issues in aesthetics, arts education, art theory, and visual arts, statistics, and assorted databases. Also offers transcripts of the Lowenfeld Award Lectures in art education. (Beth Harris, a NYC Museum, and Steven Zucker, Pratt Institute).
This is an award-winning, free, not-for-profit, multi-media web-book designed to be used as an art history textbook.  Videos, a blog, tools for teaching using Smarthistory.

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Journals and Associations for Teaching Art and Art History

Journal of Aesthetic Education.
Interdisciplinary journal focused on aesthetic education in the broadest sense.  Subscription required.

National Art Education Association.
Publishes two journals, described on their website, for higher education art educators:
Art Education:  The Journal of the National Art Education Association
Studies in Art Education:  A Journal of Issues and Research
Subscriptions required.

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Michigan State University Resources for Teaching Art and Art History

Michigan State University Image Resource Links––Additional Online Resources.
The MDID (Madison Digital Image Database) requires login, but this site also provides a large collection of open access links to art and art history online materials, including Asian, African, Latin American, Latino, and Native American art.

Indexes in Art History (MSU Library Electronic Resources).

Michigan State University Department of Art and Art History

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