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  • Anthropology and Archaeology

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    General Resources in Anthropology and Archaeology

    Anthropology: Useful Links to Information on the Web (Denise Forro, Michigan State University Libraries).
    An extensive set of lainks to indexes and databases in anthropology and world wide web sites or gateways on anthropology and archaeology, including specific areas of study.

    American Anthropological Association (AAA).
    The Association’s comprehensive site offers membership information, special interest groups, links to their publications, and links to a wide range of anthropology resources on the Internet.

    AnthroSource (American Anthropological Association).
    An online resource for anthropology research, teaching, and other professional needs. Contains a searchable database of AAA journals in electronic format. The term “teaching anthropology” brought up over 7000 items.

    Society for American Archaeology (SAA).
    This society is an international organization dedicated to the archaeology of the Americas. The site contains career opportunities, educational materials, government affairs, and membership information.

    A Guide to Internet Resources in Anthropology (Plattsburgh State University of New York).
    A large and well-organized site with links to numerous cultural anthropology sites, physical anthropology and linguistics resources on the web, archaeological sites/digs and web resources, e-journals, organizations, museums, and email discussion listservs.

    Anthropology: A Selected List of Resources (Princeton University Library).
    Online and printed materials, including indexes and abstracts; libraries, archives, and online exhibits; gateways and directories; and other databases.

    Intute: Anthropology.
    A mega-site with links to a wide range of topics and issues in anthropology research and teaching.

    Intute: Archaeology.
    Links to numerous resources on archaeology.

    VoS: Voice of the Shuttle (Alan Liu and a team of developers, University of California, Santa Barbara)
    A useful collection of resources in Anthropology and Archaeology. Includes a small selection of course syllabi and accompanying teaching materials.

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    Teaching Anthropology and Archaeology

    Anthropology & Education Quarterly, (journal of the Council on Anthropology & Education.)
    Articles cover schooling in social and cultural context, human learning, and the teaching of anthropology. This site contains membership information plus tables of contents and abstracts. Subscription required.

    Teaching and Learning Anthropology (Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution).
    Provides links to past and current issues of AnthroNotes, the museum’s publication for educators; materials on specialized areas of interest such as American Indian history; teaching activities and packets; and many other resources, some online and others free upon email request.

    Anthropology in Education (American Anthropological Association).
    Resources for teaching anthropology in pre K-12 and higher education, including exemplary programs and activities.

    Education and Outreach–Resources for Archaeologists (Society for American Archaeology).
    Links to many areas of resources within archaeology education available from SAA or elsewhere on the Internet.

    Higher Education Academy: Archaeology Subject Centre, U.K.
    Extensive online resources to support university teaching and learning in archaeology. Includes teaching techniques, digital materials, and other information useful to both U.K. and U.S. instructors.

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    Topical Instructional Materials

    Experience Rich Anthropology, ERA Project (Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing, University of Kent at Canterbury).
    Reports of field data and analyses from 12 anthropology projects, plus a teachers’ manual with suggestions for using these projects for teaching and a section with information for students on ways to study each project. http://www.era.anthropology.ac.uk/

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    Anthropology and Archaeology Listservs

    Historical Archaeology E-Mail Discussion Lists.
    Annotated links to listservs with subscription information and websites where applicable.

    List of Discussion Lists in Anthropology (Anita Cohen-Williams, Hayden Library, Arizona State University).
    An annotated list of listservs in Anthropology; includes Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistics, Physical Anthropology, and Museum Studies.


    See also General Social Science Resources for additional discipline-specific materials.

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