Animal Science

General Resources in Animal Science Education

American Society of Animal Science
The major association for researchers and educators in the field of animal science. Provides membership information and links to the ASAS Journal of Animal Science and the society’s semiannual newsletter.

Journal of Animal Science
Contains a searchable database of articles, meeting abstracts, and symposia papers. The keyword “teaching” brings up links to the abstracts and PDF documents of over 1600 archived articles on teaching animal science. “Education” provides links to over 1300 articles.

Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education (American Society of Agronomy).
A peer reviewed journal for teaching ideas K-16 in the life sciences, natural resources, and agriculture. Includes course descriptions, articles on use of online materials, exercises, web lessons, learning activities, SoTL research, and issues in teaching. Online version continuously updated during the year; one hard copy version published in December. Current issue available to paid subscribers only; full text of archived issues, 1998-2005, available free online.

Animal Science Resources: External Links (University of Connecticut).
Links to websites containing information on a variety of topics in animal science education.

Agripedia (University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture).
A comprehensive multimedia instructional resource for all areas within the study of agriculture and natural resources, including animal science. Has searchable database for courses, course materials, a glossary, and relevant resources. Unfortunately, there are dead links, but the site still has much to offer educators who are willing to browse through the numerous links provided.

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Teaching Animal Science

Introduction to Problem-Based Learning for the Animal Science Education Consortium annual meeting in 2002.
Links to PowerPoint presentations, sample PBL courses and web resources. Includes an example of a PBL problem in animal science, “Chickens You Can’t Count On.”

Teaching Animal Science: Education or Indoctrination?” Keith K. Schillo, University of Kentucky. Journal of Animal Science 1997. 75: 950-953.
Argues for a teaching approach in animal science that promotes scientific literacy. The goal of this approach is to teach students “to think analytically and make independent judgments about scientific claims” rather than treating education as a collection of facts, principles, and terminology.

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Michigan State University Animal Science Resources

MSU Department of Animal Science

Animal Science Research Guide, MSU Libraries.

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