A selected, annotated collection of links for university instructors

We’ve reviewed thousands of instructional resources on the Web and selected particularly useful sites to create this comprehensive Online Instructional Resources website.

These diverse teaching and learning resources were reviewed, organized, and annotated to create 23 major categories subdivided into 199 subcategories. Each subcategory is arranged to give instructors both basic and advanced information on each topic.

Teaching in the Disciplines is a new resource that is designed to complement the general and cross-disciplinary resources in the rest of the Online Instructional Resources website.

Teaching to MSU's Liberal Learning Goals is also a new resource that is designed to support MSU's Liberal Learning Goals and Outcomes as well as provide additional resources focused on competency-based education.

The website is under active construction. It may take a year or more to provide resources on all the disciplines represented in our University. If you have a request for information about a topic not included here, or if you have a suggestion for a link that we should consider including, please email us at We are checking these links and adding updated resources every semester. We welcome your input and feedback.


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