Other Schools with Competency-Based Programs

Schools with Competency-Based Programs

IUPUI—Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.
Principles of Undergraduate Learning: Core Communication and Quantitative Skills; Critical Thinking; Integration and Application of Knowledge; Intellectual Depth, Breadth, and Adaptiveness; Understanding Society and Culture; Values and Ethics.

Alverno College
Ability-Based Curriculum: Communication, Analysis, Problem Solving, Valuing in Decision-Making, Social Interaction, Developing a Global Perspective, Effective Citizenship, Aesthetic Responsiveness.

New Century College at George Mason University.
Competency-Based Education for a degree in Integrative Studies (INTS): Communication, Critical Thinking, Strategic Problem-Solving, Valuing, Group Interaction, Global Understanding, Effective Citizenship, Aesthetic Awareness, Information Technology.

Hocking College, a two-year technical college, has developed “Success Skills” that are embedded into the curriculum and courses of each Hocking program and discipline.  These include the following: Communicates Effectively; Demonstrates Math Skills; Demonstrates Learning Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills; Maintains Professional Skills & Attitudes; Practices Human Relation Skills; Knowledge of Science & Environment; Community, Cultural, & Global Awareness; Maintains a Code of Ethics. Online access is provided to indicators and rubrics for each Success Skill.

University of Wisconsin Flexible Option.
In this program, students make progress by passing a series of assessments that prove they have mastered competencies and knowledge deemed essential to their chosen fields.

See also MSU College of Natural Science, Department of Mathematics: Quantitative Literacy Across the Curriculum, for links to schools with Quantitative Literacy Programs: Carleton College, Macalester College, Hollins University, Dartmouth College, plus a list of others.

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