Social Sciences Family and Child Ecology

General Resources in Family and Child Ecology

Michigan State University Extension
Links to sites that provide information about Health and Nutrition, Children and Youth, and other related areas.

Family and Elder Law (Hieros Gamos, Worldwide Legal Directories).
Links to worldwide sites on child and family law, including the U.S.

Children and Youth (Michigan State University Extension)
Links to sites on Michigan 4-H, mentoring, volunteering, and other sites that provide information about opportunities for youth.


Research Think Tanks with Resources for Integrating into Teaching

Harvard Family Research Project (Harvard University).
This program promotes more effective educational practices, programs, and policies for disadvantaged children and youth. Website includes current research, publications, news, and links to Evaluation Exchange and the Family Involvement Network of Educators (FINE).

Child Trends
A research organization for those serving children and youth. The site offers material for researchers and educators, such as information on effective children and youth programs, fact sheets, assessment, and e-newsletter, and publications.

National Youth Development Information Center: A Project of the National Collaboration for Youth
A large website for youth workers and educators, including links to resource libraries, listservs, resource directories, e-newsletters, research, statistics, and fact sheets.

Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago.
Chapin Hall is an independent policy research center dedicated to building knowledge that benefits children, families, and their communities. Links to research, publications, and programs.

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Evaluation and Accreditation

The Evaluation Exchange (Harvard University).
A free periodical addressing program evaluation in family and child ecology at all levels. Features innovative approaches to evaluation, emerging trends, and practical applications. Electronic or print version available. Website contains archives of past issues since winter 1995 in HTML or PDF format.

American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) Council for Accreditation (CFA).
Accreditation information and lists of accredited programs.

See also General Social Science Resources for additional discipline-specific materials.

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