Geological Sciences

Resources for Teaching Geological Sciences

Teach the Earth:  The Science Education Resource Center (SERC) Portal for Geoscience Faculty (Carleton College).
This portal is the gateway to thousands of pages of activities, workshops, course descriptions and more  See the SERC site Bringing Research on Learning to the Geosciences for a searchable database of articles on effective learning and teaching in the geosciences

On the Cutting Edge: Professional Development for Geoscience Faculty (National Science Foundation, NSF, grant, Division of Undergraduate Education)
A site providing professional development for geoscience educators. Offers up-to-date material on all aspects of teaching the geosciences, resources for specific topcis and themes, a discussion board and email list. A comprehensive, well-organized site.
Also offers a course design tutorial at  Earth Science News, Maps, Dictionary, Articles, Jobs.
A vast amount of material on geological topics for educators at all levels.  Resources for the classroom, including maps, satellite images, and material on a wide range of geology and earth science topics.

The Geological Society of America.
Offers Geoscience CDs, programs, and resources for teachers in geological sciences.

The Nature of Science and the Scientific Method (Geological Society of America).
A free downloadable document on the scientific study of the natural world.

American Geological Institute (AGI).
One of AGI’s goals is to strengthen geoscience education at all levels.  This site links to education programs, curriculum materials, and activities from elementary school through college.

Links to Some Selected Geological Internet Websites (University of Albany Geological Sciences).
Links cover such topics as earthquakes, tsunami, fossils, craters, and other links useful to geoscience educators, even geoscience humor!

Virtual Geoscience Library (University of Michigan).
Links to journals and indexes of interest to educators in the geological sciences.

National Science Digital Library (NSDL):  Teaching Geology in Higher Education.
An extensive set of annotated links to resources for teaching geology, including images, lectures, virtual field trips, activities, assignments, and Internet resources.

MERLOT: Geology (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching.)
Offers almost 50 annotated links to such sites as Geology Labs Online, NASA’s Visible Earth, rock tours, 3D volcano animation, assignments, an introductory course in college level geology, and other resources for teaching.

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Journals in Geology Education

Journal of Geoscience Education (National Association of Geoscience Teachers).
A peer-reviewed publication for geoscience education research at the undergraduate and pre-college level.  Covers research on such topics as pedagogy, assessment, and philosophy of teaching and learning in the geosciences.

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Michigan State University Resources in the Geological Sciences

MSU Department of Geological Sciences.

This is the pilot version of an online audio program covering topics related to the physical history of the Earth and life through time.  Some topics available now; eventually new topics will be added on a weekly basis.

Links to Earth History Sites.
The best links to topics about Earth and life through time.

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