Online Tutorials on Teaching


This section of the OIR offers links to tutorials on teaching and learning for higher education faculty. Tutorials are self-directed, step-by-step modular sequences that lead to professional development in one or more specific ares. These cover teaching practices (e.g., using collaborative learning); assessment (e.g. grading, mid-term course assessment); teaching online; and other professional interests (e.g. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning).

Each of the links below provides a different set of tutorials designed in a unique fashion, which may include videos and other multi-media presentations, but also involve the user in interactive exercises. We recommend that you sample several links before deciding on the one that best fits your needs.



Tutorials from the Center for Teaching and Learning, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System Resources.
Offers tutorials on numerous teaching topics, teaching online, and professional development issues. Modules include readings, activities, and quizzes.

Teaching Issues Online Seminars, Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching, Western Kentucky University.
Videos of easy to follow online seminars, each designed by one or more faculty members.

Self-Paced Tutorials, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Minnesota.
Well-designed online tutorials and videos on many aspects of teaching, including a video series on managing conflict with actual scenes between student and instructor, and another on making active learning work.

Getting Results: A Professional Development Course for Community College Educators (Funded by the National Science Foundation and produced by WGBH in Boston and The League for Innovation). This site offers a free online course on designing courses for effective teaching. Six modules take an instructor through creating a community of learners, planning for outcomes, active teaching and learning, moving beyond the classroom, teaching with technology, and assessing teaching and learning. The modules apply best practices in teaching and learning by including active learning experiences, videos, notebook jottings, reflections, and more.

A SoTL Tutorial from the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching by Nancy Chick, Assistant Director.
This well-organized tutorial contains all the elements necessary for initiating a SoTL project, from understanding what it is and its benefits, to all the steps in “Doing SoTL."  Videos and visuals throughout, explain, describe, and expand on concepts.

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