Creating an Effective Learning Climate


A classroom climate in which all students feel they are accepted and supported can do much to enhance learning. The links below contains articles designed to help instructors deal effectively with diverse student populations and develop rapport with their students.


General Resources

Teaching Strategies: Creating an Effective Learning Climate (University of Michigan, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching).
Strategies for creating inclusive college classrooms that improve the learning climate for all students.

"Establishing Rapport: Personal Interaction and Learning," Neil Fleming, consultant on teaching and learning. (IDEA Paper #39, October 2003).
Discusses four factors that help an instructor develop rapport with students and strategies for improving instructor performance in these areas.

"Learning Student Names," Joan Middendorf (National Teaching and Learning Forum)
Makes a powerful case for the importance of learning students' names as early in the semester as possible and then describes 27 ways to learn students' names.

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