Capstone Courses


The capstone course is a method of summative evaluation in which the student is given an opportunity to demonstrate integrated knowledge and growth in the major. The course may assess a student's cognitive, affective, and psychomotor learning in the major and also the overall collegiate learning experience. The links below provide guidelines for designing these courses and examples.


General Resources

"The Capstone Course," Robert C. Moore (Elizabethtown College). In Assessing Media Education: A Resource for Educators and Administrators, ed. by William G. Christ, Erlbaum, 2005.
This well-documented article covers all aspects of capstone courses from rationale through design, course goals, possible requirements, and assessments.

Capstone Courses (Skidmore College).
Contains advantages and disadvantages, varieties of capstone courses, designing and evaluating a capstone course, and a link to an article describing the use of a capstone course for program assessment of student learning in the Sociology Major.

Chapter XII:  Capstone Experiences from the Assessment Almanac, Fall 2003 (Truman State University).
This chapter briefly covers everything about capstone courses from goals to assessments and then provides models of capstone experiences in various disciplines from the sciences to arts and humanities.

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