What is an e-portfolio? An Electronic Student Portfolio is a self-selected collection of a student’s work designed to showcase learning, growth, and development. Reflection on their own learning is a key component of the e-portfoliio. The electronic format permits these portfolios to move beyond the printed page and include presentations, visual projects, and performances. It provides a valuable tool for outcomes assessment.


General Resources for E-Portfolios

Catalyst for Learning: ePortfolio Resources and Research (LaGuardia Community College).
The Catalyst for Learning site is the result of a FIPSE-funded 3 year project developed in collaboration with 24 campuses nationwide. This comprehensive collection of e-portfolio resources includes hundreds of evidence-based practices and campus-tested strategies for using e-portfolios to deepen student learning and increase success.

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E-Portfolio Assessment Resources

SeeAssessment - Rubrics
AndAssessment - Portfolios