Millennial Learners


The learning styles, attitudes, and approaches of today's college students differ from those of past generations. Faculty who understand these learners and take these differences into account when designing courses can do much to insure students' success in their classes. The links below provide descriptions of Millennial Learners and offer methods for meeting their needs in the classroom.


General Resources

"The Millennial Learner: Challenges and Opportunities," Saundra Y. McGuire (Louisiana State University).
A PowerPoint slide presentation that describes and defines Millennial Learners and offers teaching strategies that more fully meet their needs than traditional classroom approaches. Presents study skills that will help these students learn more effectively.

"Boomers and Gen-Xers Millennials," Diana Oblinger (EDUCAUSE).
Starting on p.7 of this conference packet from the Texas Association of Community Colleges is the full text of Oblinger's talk on Millennial students. This guide to understanding the new students includes data on who they are, what their experiences have been, how they view technology and the implications of these characteristics for higher education today.

"The Next Generation Learner," Diana Oblinger (EDUCAUSE).
Follow the directions at this Educause site to link to this audio presentation on Millennial Learners.

"Managing Millennials," Claire Raines Associates, 2002.
This article is about Millennials in the workplace, but it contains a useful discussion of the attitudes, skills, knowledge, and interests of today's young people. Workplace strategies can easily be translated into classroom practices.

Beloit College Mindset List.
Starting with the Class of 2002, Beloit College has published this annual list of the "mindset" of the entering freshman class: What kind of world were they born into? What have they always known? What have they never known? Click on this link to access each year's list, including the present year.

Educating the Net Generation,” an EDUCAUSE e-book.
This online collection of essays explores the “aptitudes, attitudes, expectations, and learning styles” of the Net Generation and recommends approaches to educating them effectively. Can be read online or downloaded as PDF files.

A Vision of Students Today,” Michael Wesch and the Students of Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Spring 2007 (Kansas State University). YouTube, accessed 7/26/08.
This short video features disturbing statistics about the way students spend their time in and out of class. Indicates a need for designing courses that involve students in more active learning, use technology effectively for teaching, and provide collaborative learning experiences that encourage communication among students as part of the learning process.

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Michigan State University Resources

Student Profiles, Department of Residence Life--Assessment, Michigan State University.
This site contains the results of surveys assessing students in the MSU residential communities and those living off-campus. Faculty will find information about student profiles and reports of their experiences at MSU in academics as well as other aspects of learning and personal development.