DEO Previous Fellows

CIC DEODEO Previous Fellows

2015 DEO Seminar

Charles L. Cox,Chair, Physiology
Mary Finn, Director, Criminal Justice
Tom Getty,Chair, Integrative Biology
Matt McKeon, Chair, Philosophy
Scott Winterstein, Chair, Fisheries and Wildlife

2014 DEO Seminar

Chris Corneal, Chair, Art, Art History and Design
Francesca Dwamena, Chair, Medicine
Jeff GrabillChair, Writing, Rhetoric and American Culture
Suresh Mukherji, Chair, Radiology
Keith PromislowChair, Mathematics

2013 DEO Seminar

Amy Bonami, Chair, Human Development and Family Studies
Johannes Bauer, Chair, Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media
Phillip DuxburyChair, Physics and Astronomy
Claudia HolzmanChair, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Michael Kaplowitz, Chair, Community Sustainability

2012 DEO Seminar

Richard Kobe, Chair, Forestry
Naveene Khanna, Chair, Finance
Alan ArborgastChair, Geography
William HorneChair, Small Animal Sciences

2011 DEO Seminar

Walter Hawthorne, Chair, History
David Hyndman, Chair, Geological Sciences
Jodie O'GormanChair, Anthropology
Juli WadeChair, Psychology

2010 DEO Seminar

Vance Baird, Chair, Horticulture
Raymond Geor, Chair, Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Michael Jones, Chair, Fisheries and Wildlife
Jack Lipton, Acting Director, Translational Sciences & Molecular Medicine

2009 DEO Seminar

Stephen Arch, Chair and Professor, English
William Cooke, Director and Professor, Labor and Industrial Relations
Sanjay Gupta, Chair and Professor, Accounting and Information Systems
Matt Mutka, Chair and Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
Michael Rip, Director, Program in Public Health

2008 DEO Seminar

Richard Leach, Chairperson, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology
Henry Talley, Director, Nurse Anesthesia Program
Yang Wang, Chairperson, Mathematics

2007 DEO Seminar

Richard Cole, Chair, Advertising, Public Relations, and Retailing
Katherine (Kay) Gross, Director, Kellogg Biological Station
Robert Hitchcock, Chair, Anthropology
Richard Peterson, Chair, Philosophy

2006 DEO Seminar

Thomas Berding, Chair, Art and Art History
Donald Conlon, Chair, Management
Lisa DeStefano, Chair, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Mark Kornbluh, Chair, History; Director, Matrix

2005 DEO Seminar

Brian Mavis, Director, Medical Education Research & Development
Eann Patterson, Chair, Mechanical Engineering
Sara Risch, Director, Packaging

2004 DEO Seminar

Jane Briggs-Bunting, Chair, School of Journalism
Fred Dyer, Chair, Department of Zoology
J.R. Haywood, Chair, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Mary Lundeberg, Chair, Department of Teacher Education

2003 DEO Seminar

Douglas Noverr, Chair, Department of American Thought & Language
Richard Triemer, Chair, Department of Plant Biology

2002 DEO Seminar

Doug Buhler, Chair, Department of Crop & Soil Sciences
Deb Feltz, Chairperson, Department of Kinesiology
Ed McGarrell, Director, School of Criminal Justice
Mary Alice Shaver, Chairperson, Department of Advertising

2001 DEO Seminar

Margaret Aguwa, Chair, Family and Community Medicine
Dixie Durr, Chair, Theatre
Stephen Lacy, Director, School of Journalism
Dana Stewart, Chair, Human Environment and Design

2000 DEO Seminar [switched from Fall (1998) to Spring (2000) Semester this year]

Charles Atkin, Chair, Department of Communications
Susan F. Haka, Chair, Department of Accounting
Duncan Sibley, Director, Center for Integrative Studies, General Science

1998 DEO Seminar

Gary Anderson, Director, School of Social Work
Shirley Harding, Chair, Osteopathic Surgical Specialties
Patrick O'Donnell, Chair, English Department

1997 DEO Seminar

Cynthia Fridgen, Chairperson, Resource Development
Lynne Goldstein, Chairperson, Anthropology
Daniel Keathley, Chairperson, Forestry
Peter Lappan, Chairperson, Mathematics