Creating an Account

This document should help you in creating a new user account to help you navigate our website here at F&OD.


In addition to easier navigation that is ADA compliant, the new website will allow you to view and manage your F&OD program participation (which events you choose to participate in). The first time you create an account, you will be asked to complete a user profile that will be saved. This doesn't have to be the same as your MSUNet ID, but can be if you wish. When you register for future programs or need to cancel your existing registration, you will need only to log-in and your registration and cancelation can be completed with a few clicks.


Thank you for taking the time to use our website, and if you have any questions regarding usability, functions of our website, and or questions with creating an account, please feel free to call or email Samuel Stafford at 517-355-7497 or


Step 1: Click the "Create New Account" Button.
Click "Create new account"


Step 2: Fill in all appropriate information

  • Fields that show an "*" are fields that are required, so make sure those are complete.
Account Information

fill in all required account information

Contact Information

Fill in all required Contact Info

Assistant Information (if applicable)

Fill in assistant's information if applicable


fill in demographics

Captcha Word Verification

fill in captcha, email if you have any issues.


then push the "Create New Account" button which looks like this:

create new account button

You should have recieved a confirmation email after clicking the button above.  Follow the instructions in the email, and then click the link provided.

For help registering for an event, Click Here.