CIC ALP is now the Big Ten Academic Alliance Academic Leadership Program

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The CIC is now the Big Ten Academic Alliance!
Please check back in December for the application date for the next cohort.


About the Big Ten Academic Alliance Academic Leadership Program

Formerly the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) the Big Ten Academic Alliance consists of the 14 universities in the Big Ten Athletic Conference.

Academic administrators at universities in the Big Ten Academic Alliance have dual roles: they must be educational leaders and at the same time act as managers of large, complex organizations. They are challenged by tightening budgets, changing student populations, and increasing pressures from external sources. To find creative workable solutions to the problems that lay ahead, our universities must pay serious attention to leadership development. The Big Ten Academic Alliance Academic Leadership Program is oriented to the specific challenges of academic administration at major research universities and designed to help faculty members and academic administrators prepare to meet them. The Academic Leadership Program involves the Fellows from each Big Ten Academic Alliance campus in a series of three two-day seminars at other member institutions plus readings and participation in monthly activities on their home campuses. The seminars, which are rotated among the Big Ten Academic Alliance institutions, follow a format designed to maximize interaction among all Fellows. Program faculty develop aspects of the seminar topic through case studies, workshops, and other group exercises.

Fellows are appointed for terms of one year. The MSU Big Ten Academic Alliance ALP Program selects five Fellows each year. Funding for the program is provided by the chief academic officers of the 14 participating institutions.

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Applications are distributed to academic departments in January of each year. Applicants will be interviewed by a selection committee of former Fellows and academic administrators. For additional information, please contact Cindi Leverich at or 355-5761.


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