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The Center is an educational institution engaged in a continuous and fruitful cycle of turning ideas into action, and action into ideas. We teach, and as we teach, we learn. Then we act on what we learn, developing new views of leadership, new assessment techniques, programs and strategies that respond to evolving challenges faced by leaders and their organizations.

At the Center, we recognize that leadership development is crucial for individual and organizational success. Today, executives and managers must find creative solutions to complex challenges where the call for effective leadership is stronger than ever.

Our mission is to advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide. Our role is to help address the leadership component of both business and organizational challenges- helping to build, extend and revitalize the practice of leadership.

We believe that self-knowledge is the single most important factor in the practice of leadership. Becoming more acutely aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses is a type of “unfreezing” which leads to setting goals and taking action to improve. As a result, rather than teaching how to manage or analyze or strategize, we help leaders “learn how to learn” from their colleagues, their organizational and competitive contexts, and most importantly, from their own experience. Individuals rarely have the opportunity to receive extensive feedback in the workplace- to understand how others perceive them. The Centers’ programs provide leaders with the time, tools and environment needed to gain a comprehensive, accurate view of themselves, and to set personal development goals and begins working toward them.

Center for Creative Leadership
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