Affiliates Directory

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Sarah K.
College of Veterinary Medicine
Working on a leadership team in the college of veterinary medicine to develop on-going leadership development programs for faculty, staff, and students.
Kent N.
Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences  
Marilyn J.
Department of Educational Administration
Research on faculty and leadership development issues; part of unit responsibility for supporting faculty development, including evaluation process.
William A.
Office of Medical Education Research and Development
Administers national faculty development fellowship program for primary care academic physicians; administers College Mentor Program and New Faculty Orientation Program, and conducts Residents as Teachers program throughout the state. Research interests: junior faculty development.
Ann E. Austin |
Department of Educational Administration
Co-Chair of F&OD Advisory Board; Research interests in faculty career stage-related concerns; particular interest in professional development needs of early career faculty, non-tenure-track faculty, and part-time faculty. Interest in the quality of the academic workplace.
Faye Backie |
MSU Libraries
Roger G. Baldwin |
Department of Educational Administration
Research on faculty career development, including mid-career issues. Trends in faculty staffing and their implications for professional development. 
Susan J. Bandes |
Kresge Art Museum
Patricia L. Banyas |
Virtual University Design and Technology
Burton A. Bargerstock |
National Center for the Study of University Engagement, Communication and Information Technologies, University Outreach and Engagement
Peter F. Briggs |
Office of International Students and Scholars
Director of the office that provides special assistance and programming for MSU's international students and scholars. OISS provides advising on visas and immigration issues, serves as MSU's liaison with foreign embassies and sponsoring agencies and links international visitors to the local community in a variety of ways. OISS plays a critical role in the internationalization of the campus.


Henry (Rique)
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife/The Graduate School

Karen McKnight Casey |
Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement
Donald E. Conlon |
Department of Management
Thomas G. Coon |
MSU Extension
Rochele D. Cotter
Client Advocacy Office
Joseph M. Cousins |
International Agriculture Institute
Terry Curry |
Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Human Resources
Kurt Dewhurst |
MSU Museum
Developing faculty and staff development for the MSU Museum and for the Cultural Engagement Council. 
Deborah DeZure |
Faculty and Organizational Development
Assistant Provost of department that supports MSU faculty, academic staff and administrators in their ongoing quest for excellence in teaching, research, outreach, and leadership.
Kathleen J. Dobbs |
College of Osteopathic Medicine
Lawrence T. Drzal |
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Douglas Estry |
Undergraduate Education
Patricia A.
Outreach and Engagement Partnerships
Joan Ferrini-Mundy |
College of Natural Science
Maribeth Foltz |
Human Medicine Dean's Office
Eunice F. Foster |
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Kelly L. Funk |
Director of Academic Assessment
Assist faculty in understanding how to develop learning outcomes, assess student progress toward those outcomes, and use the results to improve teaching and learning.
Christine Geith |
MSU Global
Collaborate with faculty, departments and colleges to develop information and learning product suites to serve constituency needs. Support for new domestic and international online and blended programs. 
Thomas Davis |
Acting Director for Libraries & IT Services
Audry G. Gift |
College of Nursing
Paulette Granberry-Russell |
Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives
J. Ian Gray
Research and Graduate Studies
Brendan Guenther
Virtual University Design and Technology
Clifford H. Haka |
MSU Libaries
Dawn L. Hecker |
Office of the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
Ruth Hoppe |
College of Human Medicine
Julie Rojewski |
Interim Director, Teaching Assistant Programs
To improve graduate student professional development and undergraduate instruction, MSU's Teaching Assistant Program (TAP) provides a wide variety of resources and services in support of the teaching and learning development of all MSU teaching assistants (TA's). The TAP office is aligned administratively with MSU's Graduate School and the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education.
Kirk S. Kidwell |
Center for Integrative Studies in the Arts and Humanities
The Center for Integrative Studies in the Arts and Humanities (CIS-AH) is Michigan State University's unique approach to liberal general education, offering a core curriculum that complements specialized work by students in their majors.
Karen L. Klomparens |
The Graduate School
Focus on graduate student professional development (PREP) and graduate student-faculty interactions.
Matthew J. Koehler
Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Eduation
Helping College of Education faculty become more fluent in their use of technology, especially teaching online. 
Karen W. Lienhart |
Coordinator for Off-campus Teaching & Learning
Janet K. Lillie |
College of Communication Arts and Sciences
Dashin Liu |
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Patricia Lowrie |
Women's Resource Center
Develop and facilitate programs to enhance the career experience for academic women; specific concentration is directed towards leadership, the influence of social justice issues and institutional climate. 
Jim Lucas |
Undergraduate Education
Robert Malinowski |
College of Veterinary Medicine
Brian E. Mavis |
Office of Medical Education Research and Development
OMERAD provides faculty development programs to enhance faculty academic skills and faculty scholarship related to medical and professional education. These resources are offered through a schedule of seminars; programs to meet specific needs can be organized on request.
Terry A. May |
Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
Michael A. Mazzeo |
The Eli Broad College of Business
Estelle McGroarty |
College of Natural Science
Coordinates research, budgets, and strategic planning for the College of Natural Science.
P. S. MohanKumar |
Dept. of Pathobiology & Diagnostic Investigation 
Leading Teaching initiative efforts in the department to develop teaching portfolios and evaluation of teaching in the department. Working with others in the college ot promote and facilitate teaching related issues.
Joanne M. Nicholson |
Contract and Grant Administration
Antonio A. Nunez |
The Graduate School
Professional development of graduate students.
Charles Ostrom |
Department of Political Science
Georgia Padonu |
College of Nursing
Stephanie C. Perentesis |
MSU Libraries
Debra L. Peterson |
International Studies and Programs
James E. Porter
Department of Writing, Rhetoric and American Cultures
The Writing Initiative has several faculty development components: Plans to develop summer workshops for faculty teaching Tier II writing; WRAC sponsors teacher training workshops for new TA's; Rhetoric & Writing program sponsors faculty tech workshop.
Dawn I. Pysarchik |
International Studies and Programs
Dean A. Rehberger |
Department of Writing, Rhetoric and American Cultures
Work with faculty and units to support research and teaching with technology.
John Revitte |
Faculty Grievance Office
Christopher Reznich |
Office of Medical Research and Development
Workshops on needs assessment. Selecting instructional strategies, clinical evaluation, writing for publication (curriculum dev manuscripts), PBL preceptor orientation, item-writing for problem solving. 
Scott E. Schopieray |
College of Education
Coordinate instructional technology support and development at the College of Education.
R. Taylor Scott |
Learning and Assessment Center
Allyn Shaw |
Leadership Development Programs
Trixie G. Smith |
Director, The Writing Center
Robert Caldwell |
Office of the Ombudsman
Cheri Speier |
Eli Broad College of Business
Helping coordinate faculty pedagogical workshop series within Eli Broad College of Business.
Linda O. Stanford |
Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Services
Janet Swenson |
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Judith A. Vinson |
College of Nursing
Peggy Wade |
Director, Division of Engineering Research
William C. Wadland |
Department of Family Practice
Roger B. Wallace |
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Terrence L. Walsh |
International Students and Scholars
Steven M. Webster |
Governmental Affairs
J. Michael Wieting |
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Suzanne M. Wilson |
Department of Teacher Education
Candice Winslow |
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Leigh Graves Wolf |
Technology Support & Development
Thomas Wolff |
College of Engineering
Elaine K. Yakura |
School of Labor and Industrial Relations
Kristine M. Zayko |
Office of General Counsel