Leadership Learning Communities (LLCs)

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Building on the significant success of F&OD’s Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs), F&OD launched its inaugural Leadership Learning Community (LLC) in Spring 2013.  It was so successful that we have continued to develop new Leadership Learning Communities. Faculty Learning Communities fill a need in higher education generally by enabling colleagues to explore a focused topic with a community of practice over time.  In the case of our Faculty Learning Communities, most- but not all- of the topics have focused on teaching, learning and assessment.  Our new Leadership Learning Communities (LLCs) will focus on topics relevant to leadership and will be open to academic administrators and faculty who wish to pursue formal and informal leadership roles. .  If you have any questions please contact Cindi Leverich at leaders@msu.edu.

We are currently planning the upcoming LLCs.

Please check back for new programs. If you have any questions or suggestions for upcoming programs, please contact Cindi Leverich at leaders@msu.edu.